Mahmud Abbas’s decision to refer the UN in 15 days after Trump’s announcement

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has decided to return to the UN Security Council within two weeks following US President Donald Trump’s announcement of a Middle East peace plan. Palestinian Authority ambassador to the UN, Riyadh Mansour, said Wednesday evening that President Mahmoud Abbas will visit the Security Council within 15 days to defend the Palestinian nation’s rights and reject the US plan.

Riyad Mansour does not announce date regarding US visit to President Abbas’s Security Council however, he said the Palestinian president would draft a resolution in the Security Council. He will also attend the African Summit and the Arab Ministerial Meeting in the first week of February. Riyad Mansour said President Abbas could consult with EU delegates before traveling to New York. They will then consult the Security Council. Palestinian ambassador says peace with Israel is possible under international law in the form of an independent Palestinian state in which East Jerusalem has the status of its capital. Israel should go back to the borders before 1967 and a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian refugee problem should be resolved. He said the US president’s peace formula is not a program to reach the destination of peace, but a plan to eliminate peace and eliminate the wishes of the Palestinian nation, its rights and the rights of Palestinian refugees.

It is to be noted that on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump issued his proposed plan for the Middle East, saying that he wants to give Palestinians the last chance to establish an independent state. However, the Palestinian leadership and the Arab League have rejected the US peace formula as a plan to destroy the rights of the Palestinian nation. Earlier, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan as a “slap of the century”.Thousands of Palestinians have been protesting on the West Bank in Gaza since the announcement of the US president, the British news agency Reuters reported. Remember that yesterday, US President Donald Trump announced peace plan for the Middle East and said that Jerusalem (Jerusalem) would be Israel’s “undivided capital” while the Palestinians will find capital in East Jerusalem and the West Bank will not be split in half. The Palestinians rejected any proposal that did not show the entire capital of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine because there are holy places for Muslims, Jews and Christians in this area.

The Palestinian president said that Palestine would only accept negotiations on the basis of international law and the support of the UN Security Council. To be clear, the proposed project is to establish a Palestinian capital in the north and east of this concrete wall. Which Israel made more than a decade ago on the way to East Jerusalem. According to the document mentioned above, this barrier should remain intact and should act as a border between the two sides’ capitals. However, the US-sponsored Hamas organization, which has a substantial influence in Gaza, called the project harmless. Hamas official Sami Abu Zaheri told Reuters that Trump’s statement was offensive and would only further fuel the anger. Donald Trump’s statement regarding Jerusalem is nonsense and Jerusalem will always be the land of Palestinians, the Palestinians will counter the plan and Jerusalem will remain the land of the Palestinians.

 On the other hand, the Palestinians are protesting against the US plan and in Gaza City, Palestinians have burned tires and shouted that Trump is stupid. “We have come here to reject the embarrassing US plan, responsible for all the destruction in the Arab world,” said one of the protesters.


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