List of best cities in the world by residence

Australia's city  Melbourne

Australia’s city Melbourne

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According to the housing, the annual list of the best cities in the world was released, according to which Australia’s city is found to be the best city to visit Melbourne. The report set up by the Economist Intelligence Unit, in the global loyalty report, 140 cities of the world were reviewed by housing Melbourne was declared the world’s best city for the seventh time while the Syrian capital was named as the world’s most disadvantaged city to Damascus, it has been placed in the list 140th. The 10 best cities in the world include 3,331 cities in Australia and Canada. The second best city in Austria is Vienna’s capital Vienna, Canada’s city vancouver, fourth to Toronto, Calgary in fifth, Adelaide at the sixth number, Pulse in the seventh number, Auckland at the eighth number, Ninth number Helsinsky and 10th number Hamburg. Ukraine’s capital city is in the 131th position if unwanted cities are talked about thereafter, Damascus is respectively in Damascus, Harare, Karachi, Algeria, Port Morseba, Dhaka, Tripoli, Logos and 140 Van Numbers. According to the report, these 140 cities have been identified, based on peace and stability, health facilities, culture, environment, education and infrastructure, and every city has been given 100 points. Melbourne, the first number of cities, received 97.5 points out of 100.


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