Lebanon: First Female Arab Interior Minister

Lebanon's Interior Minister Raya El Hassan

Lebanon’s Interior Minister Raya El Hassan

Beirut … News Time

Lebanese’s new interior minister Raya El Hassan took over his position after which he became the first lady of Lebanon, not only the Arabian designer of the head of powerful security agencies. Raya El Hassan welcomed the challenge, according to the US news agency Associated Press AP. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri asserted this important responsibility by trusting him. He said in the event held for the last 5 years to take office from the last interior minister who was on the position. As the first lady minister, I have to prove that a woman is able to handle such a critical position. Raya El Hassan graduates from George Washington University and she is a member of the Lebanese ruling party Freedom Movement Party and one of the 4 women included in the 30-member cabinet, is the first opportunity to include so many women in the Lebanese cabinet. Have been done

Before becoming the first finance minister of the Arab world with Lebanon in 2009, he had even become a celebrity of news; he remained in office for 2 years and headed by the largest public and private partnership made for the development of coastal city Tripoli. As the interior minister, she will be in charge of various security agencies, and will be responsible for maintaining the situation in the country. This was greatly influenced by the ongoing war and military groups in Syria. It is clear that attempts to improve representation of women in politics in Lebanon are continuing, parliamentary elections last year, for the first time in nine years, women from 128 seats in the first nine years achieved success. This is more than 4 seats compared to last house.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister’s nominated Khairallah Safadi nominated for the post of Minister of State and he changed his ministry’s name from the Ministry of Women Affairs to make a successful campaign for the Ministry of Empowered Women and Youth, the designation mentioned earlier this was with a male minister. Similarly, a woman named Chidiac named Christian Lebanese Forces Group, who had lost one arm and one hand in a murderous attack in 2005, was nominated for the Minister for Administrative Development.


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