Kidnapped Japanese journalist Kenji Shimada second video is posted

Japanese journalist Kenji Goto is the Islamic group hostage

Japanese journalist Kenji Goto is the Islamic group hostage

Tokyo … News Time

  Kenji Goto, claiming to be from the person who posted the second video is online. Japanese journalist Kenji Goto is the Islamic group hostage. Japan sent the local time Tuesday night orange passage shoot footage showed a man dressed in linen, which is being handcuffed. It is said that a recording of the final message. Man holds the hand of a person’s photo. This photo is confined Jordanian pilots alike. They alleged that the Japanese government urged Kenji Goto death row prisoners in exchange for the release of Sajida Al-Rashvi putting pressure on the government of Jordan for release. He said that the Government of Jordan is an obstacle to the release of a group Al-Rashvi is delayed. The woman in 2005 in Amman, capital of Jordan, is accused of bombing. In concession to claim Shimada says very little time is left. He asks what I have difficulty with this task. He says he’s got 24 hours to live, while the pilot is less than this. Jordan says that the Heads of Government of any further delay would mean that the heads are responsible for the death of the pilot. And after the death of the pilot’s your turn. Pilot Jordanian Islamic group was kept in prison. Jordan is being demanded of the government to release the Goto Al-Rashvi in return.


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