Judiciary, Politicians and NAB

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar

Islamabad … News Time

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has been disqualified from politicians and bureaucrats in Carness due to exemplary notice of raids and raids. On the other hand, Justice Retired Javed Iqbal has since been appointed as a chairman of the NAB since the time the NAB is seen as an extraordinary act. NAB has also worried not only the ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his family and colleagues. Rather, the sleeves of Sindh governors and bureaucrats are flying away. If the Chief Justice and Accountability Bureau in any other country take such action, there are not only rulers and bureaucrats there. Instead, such activities will be equally supported by their help.

But Pakistan’s rulers and influential political figures have never tolerated such action against them. There is no practice to bear such action. They always made such acts done in the interest of the country and the nation by calling them conspiracy against democracy. The purpose of doing this is that only those who want to violate the rules against each other, themselves and their party, and take action against corruption. Whose chairman is appointed by the government and the leader of the opposition leader but when there is no discrimination under the chairmanship of the same chairman, there is a series of objections and criticism.

Nawaz Sharif says: We have made a mistake that the NAB has not finished the law and did not close the institution. The Pakistan Peoples Party’s Sindh government was so distressed with the National Accountability Bureau that it had passed the provincial assembly bill to keep it away from the province and to establish its accountability bureaucracy. And tried to not get NAB in Sindh. The government of PML-N, who was active in Sindh till the time, was praising its measures but as soon as NAB started action against Nawaz Sharif and federal government corruption headed by Justice Retired Javed Iqbal. Even Neb, they are not an eye brother. And the criticism was started. The judiciary is also unique in a unique way since the days of NAB therefore, the corrupt rulers of other judges, including the Chief Justice, have started getting worse. Even though the new judiciary of the judiciary is looking happy. People say that when relevant organizations do not pay their responsibilities, they can not be left like this. The tax of public tax-making institutions is also inevitable to correct.

It is a good move to review if they are suddenly looking to see the performance of other institutions including Chief Justice Hospitals. The government and its ministers have failed to improve their institutions and their systems. The question is that who will spend millions of millions of rupees who can not change the condition of their own institutions, who will change? It is obvious that the judiciary had to do the same day or not. State institutions have to come to run according to the laws of these institutions. The nation’s fortune is that the judiciary is not working this time but its responsibilities. But corrupt politicians and rulers who enjoyed the name of democracy did not like this. He has been shining politics on the promises of solving problems for 70 years. They believe that till the people are troubled, they will continue to run their political shops by making false promises to the problem. Actually our majority of politicians are making politics to achieve their personal interests. They know what their educational ability, ability and intelligence is and how much. The beast of them would be such that those who could not even work for clerk. But they are getting politics and getting everything for themselves.

Khursheed Shah, leader of PPP’s leader and leader of the ruling party Bangladeshi government, says: It should only be noted that the state should not talk to the state. Perhaps they think that corrupt elements, particularly against the politicians, damage the state while the state is developing government treasury and government land. Speaking on the freedom of expression in the current situation in the local TV program, the Leadership opposition said that the media is crossing the border. Of course the media that reaches them will cross their limits. Talking to the judiciary, Leadership opposition said further that I am objectionable if the Chief Justice of Pakistan talks during court hearing, it is part of the action but apart from this, if any statement is given out of court, it is considered to be almost political that should not be done. Maybe senior politician Khursheed Shah does not know that court can be put anywhere anywhere, where the judge is sitting as the court.

According to Khursheed Shah, many politicians, including former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, are also objected to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar on taking notice of various organizations’ performance and public issues. Nawaz Sharif, talking to media outside the Accountability Court last day, said that there is no democracy in the country rather; Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has been the worst dictatorial ship. And what is going on in the country is not less than a judicial martial law. He said that it is not the duty of Chief Justice to ask the Chief Minister and set the government in a row, Recent 3 decisions are worse than the decision of Justice Munir. The truth is that the nation is tired of the rulers and their lies and no one wants to believe them anymore. If the Chief Justice is doing anything and is not less than the Judicial Martial Law, then the nation is happy to think about someone to solve their problems.

Nawaz Sharif and his former ex-minister finance minister Ishaq Dar criticized the current government of his own party, because he is not involved in this government. The government in which he is neither a government and what democracy?. These are our politicians and their thinking. Due to the presence of such politicians and so-called public leaders, they have to choose the public interest in the public. It is important that the nation will have to change itself to change its own situation. The choice of good politicians actually depends on the development of the country and nation. Will we choose new honest and human-hearted representatives in upcoming elections?


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