Jordan Valley to integrate into the Jewish state’s controversial law approved by the Israeli cabinet

Israeli cabinet

Israeli cabinet

London — News Time

Israeli cabinet space and historical place to connect with Jordan, Jordan Valley, to integrate into the Jewish state has approved a controversial law. Historical and cultural references, this place has a unique and influential position. , This is where Syedna Muhammad Amin Bakr ibn Ubaidah Muslim Hanifa and many other respected shrines are located companions. Israel’s ruling party , according to news agencies ‘ liquid ‘ and its allies ‘ Jewish Home ‘ ministers recently approved a draft law , the occupied Jordan Valley, West Bank and East Jerusalem , as has the power to your administrative control . Cabinet committee liquid and Jewish Home controversial law supports eight standing beside him the three ministers opposed it. Those who oppose Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said. Zionist Likud MP in Cabinet the draft law presented me Reggio. Mr. Reggio earlier settlements in the Jordan Valley. Aryqat clear in the words I ‘m saying that the Jewish state of Israel in the Jordan Valley by merging international law is struck against the wall. , the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” and said their position is Jordan Valley to the Israeli occupation authorities decided and the decision process of aggression should be resisted. Hamas spokesman Fawzi brhum said in a press release that the Israeli ministerial committee’s decision and it should be counter each case must be thwarted. Hamas spokesman said the decision by Arab foreign ministers negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israeli officials came after the confirmation. Fawzi brhum said “We repeatedly him Arab] warned of the consequences of the decision and its impact on the rights of the Palestinian people aware of why the Zionist measures that provide cover.”Thought the Jordan Valley, on the border with Jordan and lush environment and fertile soil. Historically, it has a certain identity and importance. Jordanian border to border along the four hundred kilometers across the valley flsltyny local population and agriculture is a major source of income. Palestine I also known as the land of fruits and vegetables. Many fruits Jordan Valley, the famous banana cultivation, but here is my example.


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