Japan’s Empress Michiko were 83 years old

Japan's Empress Michiko his husband Emperor Akihito

Japan’s Empress Michiko his husband Emperor Akihito

Tokyo … News Time

Japan’s Empress Michiko has been 83 on Friday. He highlighted the past year’s events, writing a written reply to the reporters’ questions. The Queen mentioned many people who followed the heavy rains in the western region of Kyūshū in July and in 2011, in the north-east Japan, the earthquake and Tsunami are still forced to live in temporary houses. The Empress expressed the hope that those who were forced to leave will not leave hopefully with hopefully and will take care of their health in the coming winter. He also mentioned the special law by which his husband Emperor Akihito might be handled by the throne royal. The Parliament enforced this law in June. He further wrote that the Emperor has found this secret in the year old how the state’s symbol should be. According to Queen, she feels very excited that Emperor Akihito will be able to live comfortably with her grandparents. He has also written that making it possible to make the fact is extremely intriguing by many people. He also mentioned ICAN’s international campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons. This non-governmental organization has won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The Empress admitted that Japan’s position for nuclear weapons is complicated. But he has also written that in his opinion, it is important that Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the year’s anniversary of the bombings of nuclear bombers. The whole world’s attention has come to an end of nuclear weapons and its horrific consequences.

The Empress also expressed the hope that the world would realize that the hearts of these victims never received such revenge. This has led to a series of battleship fighting, but has always kept peace in the future.


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