Japan’s earthquake shock, Last year, earthquake came 12 November

The earthquake shock was felt on the east coast of Japan, with its intensity 5.8 on the reactor scale

The earthquake shock was felt on the east coast of Japan, with its intensity 5.8 on the reactor scale

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The earthquake shock was felt on the east coast of Japan, with its intensity 5.8 on the reactor scale. According to American experts, the earthquake center was 9.5 km from the surface of the sea. The zombies who had come back to Iran, Iraq, Japan and Costa Rica have destroyed. The Japanese city Kyocera also came to earthquake on November 12 last year. Citizens were celebrating the tragedy that once again the natural disaster surrounded. Hundreds of people died and thousands were injured in four countries. While Turkey, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, have also suffered severe shocking attacks in Israel. But no loss of information has been reported in that country yet. The American Geological Survey has revealed that the center of the earthquake in Iran was 3.3 km in the ground in Iraq. Due to which severe earthquakes were recorded and the farther shock series continues. Iranian news agency, Persian News reported that the magnitude earthquake in Iran’s Karman Shah was 2.7. Whereas the earthquake was more intensely intense in the cities surrounding Iraqi borders. The Reactor Scale reached 9.7. As a result, thousands of buildings were boiled and thousands of people have been under the rubble, rescue relief has begun to save lives. The work of the Iranian religious leader Khamenei to mobilize military and administrative officials and government institutions has been started to further strengthen the relief operations. Al Iraqiya News reported that the earthquake in Iraq’s Iraqi Region has spread a major catastrophe and reports of 1,500 deaths. These thousands of buildings have been destroyed and thousands of people are under the rubble, which are being used extensively for extraction.

British Express Daily Express has revealed in a report that the earthquake in Japan was medium, whose severity recorded 8.5 on the reactor scale. The U.S. Geological Survey has been referring to the earthquake in Japan that the center of the earthquake was 180 km away from the Japanese coast. Soon after the earthquake in Japan, earthquakes destroyed the masses in Quetta, where the earthquake severity was Reactor Scale 5.6. The Japanese government says the area where the Kyocera earthquake has come, the earthquake came to an earthquake a year earlier on November 12, and the epicenter of this tragedy was celebrated that another earthquake was celebrated. Costa Rica’s public security minerals have said in a statement that throughout the night, to save the lives of people, escorting to cars, vehicles, arena, parks and open places, shelter took place. It is clear that four earthquakes were found in New Zealand even a severe earthquake. But it did not record any significant damage, but there was a lot of fear in the public. New Zealand residents have not yet turned their homes and are still sheltered in open-ups and parks. It is clear that in the counting of 8.4 magnitude earthquakes in Wellington was Sunday. As a result, no casualties were reported. But 20 thousand people were dispatched to various protected areas under security measures. There is a series of offshore shocks in Walington, and the public has spread fear.

The Iraqi capital Baghdad has also felt intensely intensified and the people are still present in the safe places. The Iraqi Interior Ministry says that the magnitude of the earthquake within the Iraqi borders was 8.7 although the ratio of deaths here is extremely low and only 23 deadliest records have been recorded but in the Iranian border the proportion is increasing rapidly.


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