Japanese Industrialization and Economic Growth

Japan is a highly developed country by industrial

Japan is a highly developed country by industrial

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Japan is called the emerging sun’s land. This is because the first day begins in Japan. Japan has emerged as the emerging sun in the field of industrial development. Japan is a highly developed country in industrial, where a large number of large factories are established. Millions of people are working in these factories. These factories are equipped with automatic automobile devices, including motorcycles, large ships, electric generators, computers, iron and steel machines, chemical goods and high quality goods are designed only for watches, television sets, electronic calculators, mobile phones, socket cameras and video cameras. The motor manufacturing industry has grown rapidly in Japan.

In the year 1999, Japan produced the first number in the manufacturing industry by developing one million and 70 thousand vehicles annually. Japan is also in the manufacture of motorcycles. Japan is the world’s largest country since 1959. In 1981, Japan developed the world’s largest ship’s cessette genetic weight 564,763 tonnes. Japan has made great progress in the production of household goods such as refrigerators, laundry washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric wings and air conditioners. The chemical industry has also become the main industry of Japan and in the manufacture of chemical raw material used in the modern industry; Japan is counted in world-wide countries.

Although the rapid growth in the Japanese economy has decreased in the past decade, the slowdown of future growth will slow down, but the growth will remain stable and continuous. Japan is promoted to produce goods whose production does not require much energy and natural resources but also the latest technology and expertise. The world’s worldwide popularity and the original credit of their demand is given to Japanese workers, people around the world trust Japanese products due to their hard work, love and dedication.

Until the Second World War, Japan was in the position of the medium of Japan; it was predicted to be cheap and incredible. The picture of Japanese goods was so tremendous that traders of Western countries used to understand Japanese textile equipment at their shop. Then within 40 years, how did Japan achieve such revolutionary development? The words of an American scholar William OuGe that his secret is encouraged within his workers to bring out the best quality products. In 1949, an industrial seminar was held in Japan, in which US specialist invitation to Director Edwards Deming was sent, who presented a new theory of high industrial production in his lecture. It was the quality control theory.

The Japanese adopted the issue of American professor and started running their industrial system towards quality control. Soon it happened that the Japanese factory started developing untouched goods, Japanese products started to be trusted worldwide. From the U.S., the quality control was obtained from the Japanese, American media. The Apollo II of the United States needed a very small tape recorder to keep it inside the moon. Only a small and accurate working recorder could only offer Japan. Japanese composition recorder with Apollo II was released on the moon.

There is a culture in Japan, in which the workers feel it all the time that their hand drawn goods will be exported to the neighboring countries and if its quality goes wrong, the importance of Japanese goods will be reduced, the new order will stop getting mixed and its worst effects will destroy the Japanese economy. The Japanese economy is on top priority. Every Japanese worker is supposed to be at least two hours over time. As fast as possible, the ability to do Japanese work is more than other nations. In American General Motors, if 11 vehicles per year are produced, Japan’s Mazda Motors average 33 vehicles per year. Mediterranean Japan’s second meaning is high quality, durability and best. Go to any part of the world, no home will be found where there is no item in Mediterranean Japan. Such a big success can only be achieved only on the hard work and security bill. Secrets of this development of Japan acknowledge the fact that after the defeat of the Second World War, there was no false evidence after defeat in the Second World War and destroyed its time in unnecessary mourning, but rather struggle. He lost his words against his enemy and failed to fight for the war, and confessed his failure. Due to this failure, they got the path of development, and this failure helped the Japanese nation to succeed in the field of education and industry.


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