Japanese Anti-Suicide Crusader Has Saved over 500 People in the Last 11 Years

Yukio Shige Japanese police officer

Yukio Shige Japanese police officer

Tokyo … News Time

Yukio Shige Japanese police officer because of her suicidal despair of those who are dedicated to stopping the processduring his 11 years in this job and hundreds of people keeping them rescued from suicide but in Japan the ‘chotto matte man’ the man called stop. Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world and Yukio Shige police officer in the past 11 years it has saved more than 500 lives in the hills of the Japan tourist Tojinbo while navigating if one of the millions of tourists come every year, but they end her life by jumping from the hills are also and at this point they mostly come from suicidal intent and therefore Yukio Shige remain here with my 3 colleagues and encourage them to stop suicide. Yukio Shige in the event of a critical friend when his car went into the sea to commit suicide so severely shocked chlank after which the people have made my life’s mission to prevent suicide People who commit suicide because they are very helpless and need someone to help them. Yukio Shige also for people who have taken a flat where he can start his new life. Yukio Shige said a few years ago, he saw an elderly couple caught in bad loans was Ahwa and it was here for suicide after learning of the national welfare agency took Yukio Shige the administration did not help him and after a few days, they took my life the Yukio Shige decided that they will take their persons and their problems would be resolved.


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