Japan to help lift US sanctions: Iran

Thanks to Japan's decision to provide $ 25m for medical aid to Iran this month

Thanks to Japan’s decision to provide $ 25m for medical aid to Iran this month

Tokyo … News Time

The Iranian ambassador to Japan has requested the Tokyo government to help end US sanctions on Tehran. Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan, Murtaza Rahmani Movahed, told reporters in Tokyo on Wednesday, according to the news agency that the lack of equipment is affecting efforts to strengthen the health and well-being system and public hygiene. He blamed US sanctions, saying that because of these counter-measures, Iran was unable to obtain funds to export crude oil and buy medical equipment. He added that the restrictions also hinder the regular acquisition of medical equipment. He thanked Japan for its decision this month to provide $ 25m for medical assistance to Iran. “It is important to lift sanctions so that regular trade can be restored,” he said. Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that the Tehran government is trying to prevent the Coronavirus. He said new cases have been seen in the country after the virus spread. Addressing a meeting of the Anti-Coronation Commission, President Rouhani said that soon the dreaded epidemic would be completely overcome.


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