Japan, the terrible tsunami came to 7 years

The tsunamis wrapped up to 18,000 human lives

The tsunamis wrapped up to 18,000 human lives

Tokyo … News Time

The extreme earthquake came in the Middle East in two thousand eleven, the resulting ocean tsunami resulting in this earthquake took place and when they hit the coast, thousands of people died in many countries. The earthquake that took place in March 11, 2011, was severely recorded 9 on the Richter scale. As a result of this earthquake, tsunami completely destroyed some coastal areas of the northeast of Japan; the tsunamis wrapped up to 18,000 human lives. Exclusive events were arranged last week regarding Japan’s  tsunami and consequent loss of damage to Japan 7 years ago. Survivors of those killed in those events, friends and Ahab reminded them, On Sunday, special syrups were ripe at the time when tsunami took over the north-eastern Japanese coastal areas.


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