Japan marked its 73rd anniversary of atomic bomb attacks on Nagasaki

73rd anniversary of atomic bomb attacks on Nagasaki

73rd anniversary of atomic bomb attacks on Nagasaki

Tokyo … News Time

Japan’s second nuclear attack on Japan has completed 73 years of war in the war II. On this occasion, a memorial ceremony held at Nagasaki city on Thursday, the only atom bomb was fired on August 9, just 3 days after Hiroshima met atomic attack on the first nuclear attack. A few moments were quieted at 11:00 am in the city’s Peace Memorial Park. This was the time when atom bomb was fired on the city in 1945. Thousands of people participating in the memorial ceremony included prominent figures of more than 70 countries. United Nations Secretary General António Guterres also attended the event. This nuclear power attack is being celebrated for the first time in the United Nations last year after the settlement of nuclear weapons. The nuclear powers like America and Russia opposed this agreement and did not sign it. Japan did not sign the agreement because of the US’s nuclear power. Confirmation of 50 countries is necessary to comply with the agreement, however, only 14 countries have ratified.

Nagasaki’s comrade Tomihisa Taue told the nuclear powers and those countries depend on them, and then the government especially Japan. I strongly recommend that you change your security policies, so that your country’s protection does not depend on nuclear weapons. I appeal to you that such a mistake should not be done again, as a result, the number of victims of Atom bomb increases. During the war I appeal to Japan’s only country affected by nuclear weapons to support the agreement of nuclear weapons ban.


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