Japan executed the first foreigner in 10 years

Japan's Minister of Justice Masako Mori

Japan’s Minister of Justice Masako Mori

Tokyo … News Time

Japan executed the first foreigner in the last 10 years. It should be noted that in 2003, a person from China was guilty of murder and robbery of a family of four. The newspaper reports that Minister of Justice Masako Mori said Wei Wei, 40, was hanged in a detention center in Fukuoka. He said the Chinese man’s sentence was pending for the last 16 years. Wei Wei, a Chinese resident, was found guilty of murdering two children, including a clothing store owner and his wife, at a house in Fukuoka. Japan’s Minister of Justice Masako Mori said at a news conference that Wei Wei and the bodies of two Chinese colleagues were thrown into the sea with heavy weights. It may be recalled that the other two accomplices of the main criminal were tried in China in which one was sentenced to life imprisonment and the other to death. Japan maintained the death penalty despite international criticism. Masako Mori said he signed the execution order after careful scrutiny following international criticism of the death penalty. He said that Japan is a law-enforcement country and the execution is based on the criminal justice system. He said robbery and murder was a very cruel case in which Wei Wei killed 4 innocent people of a prosperous family. According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, two WiFi associates were tried in China, where one was sentenced to death and the other to life imprisonment.

Amnesty International, on the other hand, said that the execution had led to an abnormal decline in the rights of life in Japan. Japan has shown that it lags far behind most of its peers, said Arnold Feng, a researcher at Amnesty International’s East Asia. More than 100 countries abolished the death penalty, he said. According to the Ministry of Justice, a total of 112 crimes in Japan are awaiting the death penalty, with 84 people seeking re-trial. It should be noted that Japan and the United States are in the group of 7 developed countries where the death penalty remains. It should be noted that the execution in Japan is highly confidential and the offender is informed the same day that the offender is executed. Since 2007, Japan has begun to give details of the names of those executed and some of their crimes, but the details are still very limited. It is to be remembered that since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s return to power in 2012, the government has executed 39 people.


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