Japan calls for complete ban on nuclear weapons

Atomic bomb victims and peace activists rally in Tokyo on Thursday

Atomic bomb victims and peace activists rally in Tokyo on Thursday

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Victims in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have called on the Japanese government to ratify the UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. According to media reports, a ban on nuclear weapons will be imposed in January 2021 if the 50-nation ratification requirement is met earlier this month. The media say that the nuclear powers are not included in the agreement, while Japan has not yet joined the agreement on banning nuclear weapons. Atomic bomb victims and peace-loving NGOs rallied in Tokyo on Thursday and announced the signing campaign.

On the other hand, Japan, Australia and the United States launched a plan to provide joint financial assistance to the South Pacific Republic of Palau for laying underwater fiber optic cable. Australian Foreign Minister Maris Pine announced the 30 million projects. The project aims to connect Palau from the west coast of the United States to Singapore by laying an underwater cable across the Pacific Ocean. He said in his statement that the joint venture reflected the joint commitment to build sustainable, transparent and high quality infrastructure in the region.


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