Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh executions of the International Court of severe reactions

JI Ameer of Bangladesh Professor Nizami concern on the death penalty

JI Ameer of Bangladesh Professor Nizami concern on the death penalty

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Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh executions international organizations have expressed serious reaction. International human rights organization Amnesty International, Bangladesh Jamaat Ameer Professor Nizami being sentenced to hang while expressing concern over has called the decision to withdraw Bangladesh war crimes tribunal, saying Professor Nizami’s death is not compatible with the requirements of justice. While living in the UK car Abbas Faiz Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights has urged the government to fulfill the demands of justice Bangladesh Jamaat Ameer Professor Nizami’s death to be withdrawn. The ruling party of Bangladesh war crimes tribunal to be established by international human rights organizations, including the United Nations is not acceptance. Still, the different cases of right-wing leadership of JI Bangladesh ‘war crimes’ is calling started. Until now, many leaders have been sentenced to death and hanged a leader Abdul Qadir has been found. The Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal Deputy rjsrar ‘Aruna bhackrurty’ announced that Islamist and leader, and in 1971 Pakistan’s support organization ‘Al-Badr’ Commander Mir Qasim Ali’s case the Sun 2 November 2014 will be announced. The Mir Qasim Ali, JI leader and executive for several major organizations. He accused them of billions each year ” hinges ” (Bangladeshi currency) to provide financial assistance to the people of the right wing. Tanveer Mir Qasim Amin defense lawyer says his client and the Islamic world-renowned person is a member of. The case against them was absolutely bogus and the prosecution could not prove a crime, that his client be released. Bangladeshi magazine “Tribune DHAKA, according to Amnesty International’s report was given out that the Bangladesh government drawn wire Crimes Tribunal, the individuals who have specifically targeted the Islamic Bangladesh belong to the division of Pakistan from India in 1971, and were opposed to the independence of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Newspaper, Bangladesh Chronicle ” wrote that Amnesty International’s report unilateral action against Islamist leaders and the requirements of the trial judge expressed reservations have been made. The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the United Nations human rights bodies and international organizations, including most countries (except India) Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal did not accept. Abbas Faiz, Amnesty International’s Talking bdnews24 saying they feared that Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League, Bangladesh Jamaat leaders would not, release them when they can come in the form no other place in Bangladesh Hasina government came to power. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia in a statement JI Ameer of Bangladesh Awami League Professor Nizami’s death was revenge And put to death in the political sense. Begum Khaleda Zia of Bangladesh Jamaat Ameer Professor Nizami three-day strike to protest the death sentence announced to support the national security forces of Bangladesh Awami League party and cracking more than 300 workers were arrested and put in jail. In Washington, the Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Star, “a representative of the US State Department said in a weekly briefing from Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh Jamaat Ameer Professor Nizami was condemned to death the top of the US State Department spokesman said US war crimes gene psaky all offenders brought to justice, but in this context to support kept insisting that he already stabbed crime tribunal in Bangladesh formation and action must be acceptable according to international standards and meet the requirements of all operations must be judged. The leader of Bangladesh Awami League MP and Gupta won Surin said in a press conference, the Awami League, Bangladesh, Pakistan; supporters of land would make an example of. They argued that the independence of Bangladesh, Pakistan and be with those who obstruct successive execution will be suspended on the boards led Awami League is committed to that end. According to a report by The Financial Express Bangladesh  Upon returning from a trip to India, Bangladesh, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Law Ministry claimed Suran Singh Gupta  Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan’s secret service, together with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina overthrow and kill is, together with the friendly country of India will be thwarted.


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