Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes

A group of Israeli settlers attacked Madama, a Palestinian village

A group of Israeli settlers attacked Madama, a Palestinian village

Jerusalem … News Time

A group of Israeli settlers attacked the Palestinian village of Madama in the southern Nablus city of the West Bank. Witnesses say a group of Zionist settlers belonging to the illegal Zionist settlement Yitzhar attacked the southern part of the village and attacked the houses. On this occasion, Palestinian youths took to the streets to stop them. During this time, Israeli police continued to provide security to settlers and tortured Palestinians to protect them from retaliation. On the other hand, a Palestinian belonging to the Deir Abu-Mashal cows was wounded in Ramullah by the firing of the Zionist army. According to local media, the occupation force was firing on Jewish settlers’ vehicles near Deir Abu-Mashal village west of Palestinian national Ramullah. The occupation force closed the main entrance to the village after the operation, while no information was provided on the injured’s health. Meanwhile, Israeli troops fired machine guns at farmers in southern Gaza and fishermen in the Gaza coast. Palestinian media reported that occupation troops opened fire on farmers working on their lands in the eastern region of Khan Yunis, south of Gaza. The Zionist army targeted Palestinian fishermen in the northern coast of Gaza, but no casualties were reported.


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