Israel police recommend corruption charges against Prime Minister

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu


The Israeli police has recommended Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to blame someone for bribery and illegitimate use of the office.According to the Foreign News Agency, the police recommended a person to be indicted in his investigative report in which country’s leading traders have been informed of the allegations of taking expensive gifts, The report states that the prime minister has not only been able to confront the nation’s confidence rather, he also made the source of personal benefit to his position, the information and evidence obtained during the trial indicate that the Prime Minister, Nitin Yeh’s bribery, cheating and assurance, is obviously clear to the crime.

The report has been sent by the police to the Attorney General after the 14-month investigative process of two cases related to the involvement of the Israeli prime minister. In which corruption related testimony, merchandise statements and prime minister’s status have also been linked, The report has been sent to Attorney General to indict the prime minister because police can not indict any person without constitutionally attorney general orders. After the publication of the contents of the investigative report sent to the Attorney General by the police, media and public has pressured the resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. On which Prime Minister dismissed the allegations of corruption while doing an emergency press conference in the occupied Jerusalem mosque. Approved bribery allegations that were specifically designed to remove them from the government, He accused that this conspiracy included a few global powers however, all the charges will prove to be wrong soon and the conspirators will not get anything.

In response to a question, the Israeli Prime Minister announced a dynamic declaration of no resignation that they will play their role in upcoming elections and those who know me closely, they will not be affected by the campaign of fraud, I have always made public politics and can not even think about treason or domestic abuse from my earth, My role will testify about my actions and defeat elements will again face mouth. It is clear that the Israeli police had begun investigating allegations of receiving awards worth nearly $ 2071,000 from Prime Minister’s prime minister about two leading traders a few months ago, In the light of evidence, the police have registered a case under both the bribes for the traders while seeking an offense against Prime Minister, the Attorney General has sought permission.


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