Israel PM Netanyahu appoints Naftali Bennett as new Defence Minister        

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and right-wing hardline leader Naftali Bennett

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and right-wing hardline leader Naftali Bennett

Jerusalem … Newstime

Israel’s soon-to-be-retired Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday the appointment of right-wing hardline leader Naftali Bennett as defense minister. They say they will form a new political alliance with the right-wing ‘New Right party’. Three leaders of this party have been members of the Kinest, including former Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked. Netanyahu failed to form a mixed government after the September 17 Kinest election. Earlier, he had refused to own the Naftali Bennett portfolio. While their main rival, Benny Gantz, is seeking the support of 61 members of the Knesset to form a mixed government. Netanyahu has teamed up with three members of Naftali Bennett’s party, Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked, and Nathan Kahan, to form an alliance with Likud.

A statement issued by the Lakewood party said that Prime Minister Netanyahu offered Naftali Bennett his appointment as defense minister. They accepted the offer. According to the statement, the two also agreed that a new coalition formed by Naftali Bennett and former Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked would join the alliance with Likud. And will serve as a joint force during the current parliamentary period. In December, Bennett and Justice Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett announced that they had left the Jewish National Religious Party and announced the formation of a new right party.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Knesset Chief Benny Gantz said, “It’s been two weeks since the president gave me the authority to form a government.” This is the main task. We still have to form a broad and liberal national unity government. “At the same time, we are now trying to build proximity with other parties after failing to communicate with the Likud,” he added. It is to be noted that the political alliance, led by ruling party Likud and former Army Chief of General Benny Gantz, was almost identical to the September 17 election in Israel. The Israeli president first invited Benjamin Netanyahu to form the government, but he has failed. Currently Benny Gantz is tapping to form the government.


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