Israel is committing crimes on ethnic, religious grounds, HRW

HRW says in a new report that Israel's policy is to "give Israeli Jews the upper hand over the Palestinians."

HRW says in a new report that Israel’s policy is to “give Israeli Jews the upper hand over the Palestinians.”

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) says Israel is committing crimes against Arabs on racial and religious grounds in its borders and occupied territories. According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), HRW has stated in a new report that it is Israel’s policy to “give priority to Israeli Jews over the Palestinians”, including its own citizens. Discrimination on the basis of race and religion is considered a crime against humanity.

On the other hand, the Israeli Foreign Ministry rejected the report as false and accused the human rights organization. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the HRW report. He said there was an urgent need for the international community to intervene and ensure that their states, institutions and companies were not involved in any way in war crimes and crimes against humanity. It should be noted that 20% of Israel’s population of 9.3 million are Arabs, while 2.5 million Palestinians live in the occupied West Bank and 350,000 Israelis occupy East Jerusalem. Similarly, 1.9 million Palestinians live in Gaza, and the United Nations considers the area to be under Israeli control.

It should be noted that Israel occupied the Palestinian territories in the 1967 Middle East war and announced the evacuation of Gaza in 2005, but still occupies most of the borders and the roads are closed. On the other hand, more than 600,000 Jews have been resettled in illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which is also recognized as illegal by the international community. In a 213-page report, Human Rights Watch said that today it is a fact that Israel occupies the majority areas and the Palestinians have sovereignty in the limited areas. The report says that in all of these areas and in various walks of life, Israeli officials hold the view that Israeli Jews have the upper hand and discriminate against Palestinians. The human rights organization said that the law, policies and statements made by the Israeli authorities make it clear that they want to maintain control of Israeli Jews at the geographical level, in political power and in land matters. According to the report, Israelis forcibly target Palestinians on the basis of their identities and this mistreatment is a heinous crime against humanity.

It should be noted that the recent clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli police started on April 13 with the beginning of Ramadan and are still going on. Palestinians say police tried to stop them from holding a traditional Ramadan gathering outside the historic Damascus Gate. Police said the move was taken to ensure Muslims reach the place of prayer safely. Clashes and other violent incidents between Palestinians and Israelis have been taking place in Jerusalem since the beginning of Ramadan, which has increased tensions in the holy city. Israeli police arrested more than 50 people and injured more than 100 after violent clashes between Israeli and Palestinian groups in Jerusalem on April 22.


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