Iran’s parliamentary elections polling for the second phase

Iran's parliamentary elections

Iran’s parliamentary elections

TEHRAN … News Time

In 21 provinces for the second round of Iran’s parliamentary elections continue polling. Iran’s 21 provinces, according to a foreign news agency getting Polling for parliamentary elections for the reformist and moderate parties face while the first phase of elections President Hassan was lead narrow the spiritual backed moderate reformist party however, the 68-seat parliament elections will decide on the future of Iran. Reform party leader Mohammad Reza Arif optimistic the party in the selection of the second round will get 40 seats in the 290 the reformist party could win 95 seats in the first round and also supported President Hassan Rouhani. The elections were held on February 26 for the first phase of parliamentary elections while the reform party has won 95 seats alone moderate party Independents and minorities has received a combined total of 103 seats and party could not get a clear edge.


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