Iranian parliamentary election results

the results of 204 out of 290 seats have been announced

the results of 204 out of 290 seats have been announced

Tehran … News Time

The counting process has begun after the voting for the first by-elections of Iran’s 11th parliamentary and 5th assembly, and the results of 204 out of 290 seats have been announced. It should be noted that there were 7157 candidates contested for 290 seats in Parliament. In Iran’s parliamentary elections, 55 polling stations were established in 208 constituencies. Holding the 11th round of the Assembly of the Islamic Parliament, the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution reflects on the importance of elections in Iran’s religious system. The participation of the Iranian people in the elections and the sending of their favorite candidates to parliament shows the people in Iran’s Islamic democratic system have a direct role in deciding their political future. It is noteworthy that elections in Iran have a special significance and during the last 40 years 36 different elections have been held in Iran.

Iran’s election commission said in a statement Saturday morning that the counting of votes in 23 constituencies has been completed. Referring to this, Syed Ismail Mousavi said that the results of major cities will be announced by Sunday and that the results of most constituencies will be announced by this evening. Iran’s parliamentary elections were voted in 208 constituencies. It is noteworthy that due to Jim Ghafir at the polling stations, the voting time, which was till 6 pm, had to be increased 4 times and the voting period continued till 12 o’clock.


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