Iranian government should use Khamenei’s wealth to prevent the Coronavirus: U.S

US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus

US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus

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US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus responded to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif’s criticized tweet saying that the Iranian leader should stop lying and stealing. He said this in response to Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif’s statement in which he accused the United States of “medical terrorism” over the Karuna virus issue in Iran. Morgan Ortagus wrote on his Twitter account that if the Iranian government needed money to deal with the Corona virus, it could receive billions from the fund established by Khamenei.

Morgan Ortagus


Stop lying.

Stop stealing.

If the Iranian regime needs funds to deal with the #coronavirus, it can access billions in @khamenei_ir’s tax-free hedge fund.

It’s not the sanctions. It’s the regime.


9:31 PM – 30 ، 2020

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He added that it was not the sanctions but the Iranian regimes own case.

Javad Zarif


US has gone from sabotage & assassinations to waging an economic war & #EconomicTerrorism on Iraniansto #MedicalTerror amidst #covid19iran.

This even “exceeds what would be permissible on the battlefield.”


STOP obeying IMMORAL & ILLEGAL US sanctions.


4:45 PM – 29 2020

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On Monday, Muhammad Jawad Zarif warned that the continued US sanctions on his country are affecting the global humanitarian campaign. They called the US sanctions immoral and inhumane. Jawad Zarif wrote in a tweet on Twitter on Sunday that the United States launched an economic war against the Iranians by going beyond sabotage and killing during the outbreak of Corona. America’s policy is economic and medical terrorism.


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