Insider story of the opposition All Parties Conference, Islamabad lockdown to be held in October: Maulana Fazl-ur- Rehman

Opposition All Parties Conference

Opposition All Parties Conference

Islamabad … News Time

The insider story of the United Opposition’s All Parties Conference (APC) has surfaced. Sources said that all parties requested Maulana Fazl-ur- Rehman to postpone Islamabad lockdown in October at a joint opposition meeting. Opposition parties took the stand that all parties should march to Islamabad with full preparation. Preparing some time will be required before the final date is given. According to sources, in the meeting, the smaller parties took large parties in the matter of non-confidence movement against the Chairman Senate. Criticism was criticized by the Awami National Party (ANP) and the Pashtun Milli Awami Party (PKMap) for failing to investigate the chairman Senate elections. The Awami National Party has said that there is nothing that is said to bring the traitors out loud. PKMap and the National Party also raised questions about the investigation. At the meeting, the PPP and PML-N could not provide a clear answer to the inquiry. It was decided by the PML-N and the PPP in the meeting that investigations are underway in this regard and the names will come out soon. The smaller parties took the position that in order to maintain the confidence of the voters, the voting in the opposition would have to be exposed soon.

Speaking to the media after the All Parties Conference, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) chief Maulana Fazl-ur- Rehman says if the PPP and PML-N support their promise, then the lockdown is ready. Sources say that the opposition party, chaired by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, had an all-party conference, sources said. If both parties support their promise, then the lockdown is ready. Maulana Fazlur Rehman has asked both parties to clarify that if no one can support us, make it clear. We are capable of doing a Islamabad lockdown; a lock of human beings will come out in our lockdown. Our people will come as Mujahideen, not for luxury.

The JUI chief said the government was escaping instead of resolving the Kashmir issue, Government has infiltrated Kashmiris, declares Kashmir to be sold to existing rulers on Kashmir situation, until yesterday we were wondering how to get to Srinagar? Wondering today how to save Muzaffarabad? Speaking on the occasion, Mir Hakim Bizenjo said that the seals of the undemocratic forces had foiled the dissent against the Chairman Senate, democratic forces are also in dire need of self-accountability, I am being targeted for being truthful.


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