Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s conspiracy or fear

New Nepali Foreign Minister Pravid Kumar Jolie, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Nepali Foreign Minister Pravid Kumar Jolie, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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India’s neighboring country Nepal’s new foreign minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing.In this meeting, several important issues, including improving rail connections between the two countries, were discussed. Last year, all the decisions were made in Nepal but Khadga Prasad Oli was the interim prime minister, so that decisions could not be implemented; now Nepal’s power was changed. After returning to power in Khadga Prasad Oli, it was discussed on implementation of this decision. China has planned to add 65 countries of Asia, Europe and Africa to increase their reach around the world and the project has been named One Belt One Road, which means the BROR project. It is also being called a new Silk Route. After the meeting, China has once again indicated that India, Nepal and China have been providing economic rendering under a joint press conference (One Belt One Road Project). That he also wants to join India in the project.

China already wanted India to become part of the project but India is denying it because his master’s trumpet has given him the courage to make the region stable and this is why Modi saw his interests, seeing the Soviet Union being seen as Russia, spinning the hands of 7 decades of friendship. Situating in the American pies quickly accepted and the growing economic development of the US-led Rings China and China’s backgrounds are packed into the economic markets of the world and One-Road One Belt is touched for failing at all costs and now India has the best option in the region. For which America and the United States are implementing the policies to benefit each other. Another clear example of this recently came after the announcement of American sanctions on Iran. India buys 70% of its annual requirement from Iran and in response to the economic sanctions announced by the US buying expensive money from India to Saudi Arabia and UAE was definitely a huge deal. Now, India’s culprit was immediately switched to swinging and swiftly jumping into the field, he signed a $ 5.2 billion officially for his S-400 aerial defense system on October 5, 2018, his old friend Russia, Ii response, the United States not only announced the privilege to buy oil from Iran to India but also its allies. China watches C-pack and One-Road One Belt as great projects and it seems that this is a big source of human resource development, and it should be connected to other countries. For this, roads, railways, waterways, telecommunications, gas lines and petroleum lines should be kept.

China is trying to connect with all the countries with him in that, he is keeping his main role and it is also obvious because he is also giving financial assistance to him. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said he wants China, Nepal and India to join him. But last year, India was the only country that was not included in the meeting of One Belt One Road Forum and later a statement issued that countries becoming part of China’s expensive project are stuck in debt. The main objective behind India’s opposition is that China; Pakistan is making an economic rally under this project. Under this, the road starting from China, Gilgit-Baltistan, goes from Azad Kashmir to Gwadar Port. China does not recognize India’s right over Kashmir, but also recognizes it as Pakistan’s component, how can India say China as its friend country? It is an attempt to increase pressure on China’s India. In this project, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar are not so much money to help in China’s supportive countries. China’s project is facing a loss in terms of future success so that further pressure on India and China’s road reach India’s head and people of India start using this road. Not only this, China will get thousands of tonnes of goods in Nepal and Nepal is unable to buy thousands of tonnes of goods. And that item will come through India by smuggling through Nepal border in this way India will face many challenges.

After accepting China’s view on Kashmir’s issue today, tomorrow even after the pressure of China Arunachal Pradesh, India will have to sink India. India is currently in stupid conflicts and in 2019 the Lok Sabha elections are being held in India, now it is to see how Modi will face this problem in this situation.


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