India, declared is Asia most dangerous country for Journalists: International organization Reporters with out Borders

110 journalists killed in 2015

110 journalists killed in 2015

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In terms of their professional duties of journalism this year proved to be the most dangerous sector during the year, 110 journalists lost their lives Syria and Iraq were the most dangerous countries for journalists and India have been the most dangerous country for journalists in Asia have been declared. International Organization of Journalists, Reporters with out Borders said in a report released by the year 2015 is 110 journalists were killed this year, 67 journalists were killed while paying his professional obligations while the other 43 were killed in different circumstances. Also according to the report this year, 27 citizen journalists and media workers were killed 7, the organization says most journalists killed were regular violence against them through the plan dead the governments of these countries have neglected the UN should take action. The report said that last year killed two journalists in conflict zones however, this relatively quiet time in the same number of non-state actors Victims. This year, 110 journalists and 40% of the victims of al-Qaeda Islamic extremist organization during the professional duty of journalists killed since 2005, the number has reached 787. War-affected countries, Iraq and Syria were the most dangerous countries in the world respectively 11 and 10 journalists lost their lives. It is surprising that France, as the country is ranked third in terms of killings of journalists In January, where 8 journalists were killed during the attack on the office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed. According to the report, India’s most dangerous country for journalists in Asia, where 8 journalists were killed by regular target bring some illegal activities was targeted. Indian media reported the killings to the most dangerous country in the list is pushed Pakistan and Afghanistan and the country has become too dangerous. According to the report, in 2015, 54 journalists have been kidnapped of which only 26 were kidnapped in Syria while 153 journalists are forced to live behind bars.


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