Increase in the number of diplomats who differ from the US President Donald Trum’s policies

US State Department's Acting Secretary of State Tom Shannon

US State Department’s Acting Secretary of State Tom Shannon

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Increase in the number of diplomats who differ from the US President Donald Trum’s policies. According to the US media, more than 1000 diplomats deployed from Nairobi to Jakarta and Japan, spreading in the US embassies, openly opposed the Donald Trump’s foreign policy and executive related to Muslim refugees and sent the mixture to the State Department. Donald Trump’s mistakes have made sense. On the other hand, President Trumpp has refused to revise his motivational policies. According to the ABC News, the dissatisfied notice from U.S. embassies has been sent to the department, it has been mentioned in a clear statement that the new policy of Donald Trumpet will worsen relations with the other countries of the United States. Traump’s new policies near US embassies are harmful to American values ​​and justice. The British journal Guardian says that it is a very diplomatic insurgency that has been dominated by the Donald Trump. Of the 1000 embassies involved in the rebellion, 200 are the best diplomats, whose experience is not changed. These embassies have warned that trump-up measures and policies will be “back fire”.

Meanwhile, US ambassadors posted in many countries including Jakarta, Britain and Kanya have said that Trum’s policies and their recent executive order have become a shame for American ambassadors worldwide. He is unable to give any honest argument to diplomatic houses. The US State Department’s Acting Secretary of State Tom Shannon has confirmed to receive more than 1000 controversial notes and said that the chain is not kept. An American embassy posted in Africa has told ABC News that it is a good practice to send a mixture. Embassy workers have clarified on the State Department that the U.S. economy of foreigners gets $ 250 billion profit. So think that what do we want to do with America by putting the restrictions on the citizens of many countries? According to the US media, the State Department, which is dominated by the officers of the Trump-up policies, has warned all US embassy officials who disagree with the foreign policy that, instead, withdraw their views from the viewpoint. Or send resignation from the jobs. Otherwise, they will be graduated after taking action.

Meanwhile, US embassies have threatened to threaten to work on Seoul Spice Press Commission of the Donald Trump’s job on the offense. According to the USA Cadre report, if more than 1000 diplomats use resignation options, or are graduated; this will reduce the US Department of State’s severe decline, which will help the Trumpet government to diplomate. The crisis may face. The American News Portal, MSNNN and the World Journal of Diplomat, have quoted the latest figures that more than a thousand Senior and Junior Embassies, who have deteriorated and destroyed them from the trumpet policies, told the State Department. The sent notice is written in the controversial notice that possible US sanctions on potential and more 5 Islamic countries on 7 Muslim countries will severely damage US foreign policy. If Trump thinks that America’s protection can be protected from such policies, it is their obligation.

US analyst has said that more than a thousand senior and junior diplomats deployed in dozens of US embassies and workers around the world have disagreed with the trump policies and have demonstrated disabilities with the implementation of their policies and orders. While writing dissatisfaction and sending the State Department, the speed has increased. Although the State Department has threatened to remove these embassies from the job, however, there is a growing difference in diplomats. It is clear that according to the figures issued by the State Department, 6007 ambassadors and diplomatic personnel are employed in the US embassies around 11,000 civil surveys. The majority of these is in violation of the trump policies and attributed to the future of America. They argue that Donald Trump’s policies and executive orders are due to national integration. And if they are not considered, they have the option of collective resignation. The American media says it was the first time since the Vietnam War that more than 1000 US embassies have sent an unusual note.


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