Income tax will not be applicable in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman

Riyadh, Washington … News Time

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said that income tax will not be applicable in Saudi Arabia at any cost. In an interview, Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that the 15% value added tax is temporary; the unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia was 14% which will come down to 11% this year. He said that despite the epidemic, success figures in all areas are excellent.

A Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, said in a statement that Saudi Arabia was still in danger, but added that the bomber struck shortly after noon in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. No details. On Tuesday, the Saudi Defense Ministry claimed to have destroyed a ship laden with explosives off the Yanbu River in the Red Sea. According to the Ministry of Defense, Navy personnel managed to destroy a suspected bomber boat at sea. On April 2, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ operations and the arrival of an Iranian ship near US ships that “we do not want tensions or any unrest or sabotage by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.” Will accept the attempt he further said that this is not a new incident but such cases have been going on for a long time and the recent incident is a link between them. We, the Iranian Navy and the Revolutionary Guards, use high-speed warships for repeated tensions, and the United States is deeply concerned about these actions.


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