In what crime did President Dr. Morsi be killed?  Internal Story

Former Egyptian President Dr Muhammad Morsi

Former Egyptian President Dr Muhammad Morsi

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How did Dr Muhammad Morsi and his party come upright? This is a long story that tells us how to try to stop them from moving towards power, However, when he managed to handle the country’s command while interrupting all obstacles so, the powerful military generals used the secular and liberal sect of slogans of Democracy, how to put the country again on dictatorship. Due to the fierce struggle of the Muslim Brotherhood and other revolutionary groups, the dictatorial dictatorship, Hosni Mubarak, ran away from the ruling power in February 2011, when the Supreme Court of India took over control power.

The military Supreme Council held the lower house and lower house elections in the first round, it were completed in January 2012. In the two houses, almost three, fourth sets came in the part of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Noor, where secular and Liberal parties are completely unsuccessful. Hosni Mubarak’s associates also participated in the elections, but none of them could succeed. The presidential election was held in May 2012, in which the head of the Muslim Brotherhood political party Freedom and Justice Party Dr. Mohammad Morsi won 51% of the vote. Presidential election took place in two stages. In the first phase, no candidate could get more than 50% votes; run-off election was among the most prominent Dr. Muhammad Morsi and the last Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq’s era of Hosni Mubarak. Following the presidential results, the military council ended the immigration emergency since 1981.

In May 2012, Hussaini Mubarak was sentenced to life imprisonment in the murder of protesters, while the highest constitutional court in July ordered the dissolution of Parliament by dismissing the members of Parliament by being considered unlawful. The military council issued a verdict by executing the court order immediately. This created a political crisis in the country. Experts were astonished that how could the Parliament take some sort of dissatisfaction of the selection of some members of Parliament? Some circles believed that the ruling dictatorship of the country and the judges made by Hosni Mubarak did not accept the majority of Islamists, that’s why they want to rollback all systems. Until then President Morsi’s hands were tied, he tried to play his role, but he could not do anything more than the dawn because the military council was fed to make all the decisions, even though he considered President President as a Supreme Commander. Was not ready too. In August, President Marsee decided to form government. Hashim Kandil appointed prime minister who made his cabinet consisting of technocrats, Islamists, secular and liberal people. On the other hand, the army had already been ordered that Defense Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi will be the military council chief.

* Removal of innocent people:

After the creation of President Morsi’s army, the army decided not only to keep its control over the country and just to force President Morsi. The army wanted the new president to follow the instructions of the military Supreme Council, and sign it only on the decisions made by him. So, since the first day, the conflicts between the army and the President Marsee started. The emerging conditions proved that Dr. Muhammad Morsi would be able to recognize the judges as decisive power, if they themselves become ceremonial, they would never be removed from the presidential palace. However, on the day the President Morsi removed the ruling people and became a powerful head of state, on that day army and judges went to create an environment to remove them. Then in August, a soldier’s attack on a military checkpoint in Desert Sena came from an attack on militants, killing 16 soldiers. This incident took unprecedented and surprising results. President Morsi immediately dismissed the intelligence chief Mourad Mouwafi and the governor of the relevant province. Later, the defense forces and Army Chief Tantawi, also the six officers of the three forces, including Chief of Staff Sami Anan graduated. Remember that all these military officers were considered as close friends of Hosni Mubarak. After becoming the Supreme Commander of President Morsi, the production of the Hussaini Mubarak era judges lived alone. However, those revolutions were released one by one, on January 25, 850 martyrdom killers. His decisions were evident that he wanted to roll the revolution.

*Constitutional referendum:

In November 2012 the Constitutional Assembly passed the constitutional draft, President Morsi announced a public referendum to sign the draft and approve it. The opposition tried hard to cancel the referendum, but President Morsi remained on his decision. He said that the final authority to approve or reject the constitutional draft is with the public, that’s why they’ll do the referendum again. Referendum of the referendum was to be done, but 12,000 of the country’s total 21,000 judges refused to pay their duties. In such cases, President Morsi made a program to hold the referendum in two parts. In the first round, in December 10, out of 27 provinces of the country including Cairo, voted on December 15 while the second phase was held on December 22. 57% in the first phase and 64 percent of the second phase sealed on yes. The opposition accused of irregularities but accepted the results of constitutional referendum.

* Step-by-step remedies:

Despite all the opposition, what services do Morsi perform his first year? The answer is given by Lebanon’s leading analytical Qutub A-Arabi: Dr. Mohammad Mursi’s biggest act (which is equal to half of the revolution) is to eliminate the power supply between the army and the civilians. So that after the military system introduced in the 60s, Egypt could become a purely state-owned state. The military council claimed that he had protected the public during January 25, did not use weapons against him, public and private institutions were protected, in exchange of his favor on the nation, he himself himself appointed a recovery on the revolution, then, after Hosni Mubarak became the ruler, he became the ruler of Egypt. Even though President Mohammed Morsi dismissed his revolutionary movements on August 12, by dismissing Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Colonel Sami, other prominent commanders of the Military Council, he appointed new Defense Minister, Chief of Army Staff and Commander Commander, and then the new Defense Minister retired 70 military officers related to the former system government.

Qutub A-Arabi said: President Morsi forgiven thousands of farmers caught in debt, paid 15% to the employees and pensioners, a monthly £ 300 increase in social insurance, thousands of temporary employees and workers work, refunded 24 million square meters from non-serious investors of Northwest Bay Swiss, apart from this, issued orders for withdrawing 41 million square meters in the east of Port Saeed, all the districts and government institutions set up the cells. Where people file complaints against them and those who take action), released two prisoners in political prisoners, the process of implementing the concerned officers from the former system continued. On the other hand, a comprehensive campaign of cleanliness and renovation on the public and public level has continued, due to which the tons of waste were raised from the streets and the fields, the power shortage was quickly controlled, the problem of gas pipeline ended, bread crisis and its long lines disappear.

Dr. Morsi, in the region, reinstated the right leadership of Egypt, has signed a $ 1 million investment agreement in EU visits in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, China, Iran, Italy and Brussels. President Morsi continued to stay a new alliance with Egypt, Turkey and Qatar, which would have a special significance in the region. They started working together for the alliance as it came to light. Earlier Turkey and Qatar were not more active in the Middle East, while Egyptian was adopting different tactics during the former President Hosni Mubarak. The Israeli interests were more beneficial than Palestinians were displaced. Remember that President Dr. Morsi was trained in the same Muslim Brotherhood, which gave birth to the Palestinian movement Hurriyat Hamas. It is obvious that Israel could not take any unprofitable advantage in the power of Mercy that he was still looking for.

* Configuration of the Unity:

At the speed of which President Morsi was taking steps, no one could think how Egypt would get development, prosperity and hunger if he had completed his term. The same thing was wasting powerless military generals, anti secular and liberal parties. What pain was causing to the army, he has been described in the preceding line, but secular and liberal circles were controversial that Islamists would continue to move on the political scenario in the country, there would be no place for them to survive. After the Presidency of President Morsi, secular and liberal circles united in the name of National Salvation Front. He was not giving any chance to disturb President Morsi, after a defeat he used to come out on the streets for next level. It was a very good thing to see that Sohail Mubarak’s supporters in the anti camp were seen but there were also liberal and secular revolutionaries who were involved in a successful revolutionary movement against Hosni Mubarak. The surprising thing was that he was also involved in accepting the presidential decree by the prosecutor general Abdul Majeed Mahmood. This was accused of showing more activity in releasing them instead of transparent investigations against killers of the honeymoon revolution. Journalists included President Morsi’s opponents, although they had won independence for the first time in the half-century. It is clear that President Morsi had repeatedly ruled out the law of President’s dictatorship. Journalists got so much freedom that the newscasters also came to the TV screen and began to speak against the president instead of reading the news.

* Problem of country guardian Salafians:

In June 2011 various sophisticated groups were gathered in the name of Al-Noor and Amr ibn-Dinen Abdul-Al-Hafoor became the head. In the first general elections held after Hosni Mubarak, the second largest party was the beginning of bin. He achieved 75 lakhs 34 thousand 266 votes 27.8 percent, with 127 seats out of the total 498 seats in the Parliament. Dr. Mohammad Morsi appointed his advisor to Imad al-Din Abdul Ghafoor after the President was elected. Their move did not like a country using Egyptian Salafis as a seal, fearing that Egyptian Salafis went to the same way as President Morsi and they would get away from it, so President Morsi’s power became unbearable for him. Consequently the Salafis were divided at the first stage. It is believed that his division was an Arab country plan.

* What is the purpose of protesting against the innocent?

The perpetrators endangered the perpetrators from his opponents’ presidential campaign on Dr. Muhammad Morsi. During the presidential campaign, he was tried to disagree with the American citizen however, the attack could prove to be minor. Soldier Janelel began to obstruct his way on the presidential election; he had completed all the arrangements for the victory of the last Prime Minister of the Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, even in the election results, at the last minute, attempts were made to reverse the last minute, but Dr. Morsi’s Party and Justice Party (the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood) obtained copies of every polling station officially certified results, If made, the whole country is divided into the country. The military journalists had to climb after collecting these figures, but the Freedom and Justice Party stirred their soldiers by destroying military journals. The Election Commission had to declare Dr. Morsi’s success.

Later the military jirga council declared itself superior to President Morsi. The judiciary of the Honorable High Court in this campaign was also with the Military Council. It was as if President Morsi would have to live as a nominate president, but then one day President Morsi dismissed the head of all forces, including the head of the sudden military council and proved his sovereignty. This move was sudden and surprising that the jailers who did not get news from the ear. Next time the new posts were made.

* Beginning of Fighting:

So far, you have come to know how the field was developed against President Morsi. Then the regular fight began when President Morsi dismissed the prosecutor general Abdul Majeed Mahmood from his post and ordered the re-trial of the government officials. Who were considered to be involved in the deaths of revolutionaries during protest demonstrations against the Hosni Mubarak government. Remember that during the protest demonstrations against former President Hosni Mubarak, 850 protesters were killed in the security forces’ operations. Due to the dismissal of the Prosecutor General, it was stated that it was transparent in the deaths during the revolution and instead of fair investigation, more active personnel were shown to be able to save the punishment. In his presidential decree, where Dr. Morsi appointed Talaat Ibrahim Abdullah as the new prosecutor general, he also announced two months extension in the constitutional assembly. He also asserted that the decisions adopted by the President, after making the decision, passed the rules and statements, they can not cancel any authority including the judiciary nor can they be appealed against them. In the decree it also included that Egypt’s Dravorazaz assembly could not dissolve any authority including the judiciary and the upper house council of parliament. Judge on the removal of the Prosecutor General increased the pressure on the new prosecutor General Talaat Ibrahim Abdullah, appointed by President Morsi that he resigned. The opposition parties were referring to the efforts of Dr. Morsi’s efforts to become absolute, the judiciary also initially declared it as an attack on its independence and the judge’s strike.

* Many reforms also became a problem:

Egyptian President wanted to introduce judicial reforms, according to which the retirement limit would be less than 70 years of 60 years. Consequently, more than 3,000 thousand judges themselves retired; Judge Club strongly opposed these reforms. While the Salafis’ Party Al-Noor had rejected the reforms by saying that before the amendment of the law, the judiciary requires extensive consultation. Fifty people demonstrated outside the court in Cairo and slapped them for the independence of the judiciary, while Islamic parties demonstrated against the judiciary’s implementation. For this, negotiations between President Muhammad Morsi and the High Court judge of the High Commission were discussed which was agreed to call a conference on the future of the judicial system so that the acceptable reforms should be made for both parties. After this, President Morsi would take all the recommendations on the proposed laws approved in the conference and present them in the Assembly Assembly (Parliamentary House) for final approval.

* Supervisor and the position of their group:

At this stage, Dr. Morsi said: Egypt is on the path to freedom and democracy. I am working for political, economic and social stability in the country. I have always kept the hands on the pulse of the public and to recognize the motivations of the people, and in the future, I will do the same in the future. Nobody can stop us ahead. I am performing my duties to be a head of God and people in front of the people and I have made decisions after consulting everyone. He said that the law will be enforced at any cost and I will be steadfast against those who want to destroy Egypt and want to obstruct the path of its democratic struggle. Whatever steps and decisions I have taken have been done in the domestic interest and in any way they do not mean that I want to increase my constitutional options. Whenever I see the country and the revolution in danger, I am bound to intervene in the situation and enforce the law. While Jeddah Hadad, a senior leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, had said that the recent decisions of Dr. Morsi were necessary to work for the revolution. Because there was no new work for the new legal action against the interior ministry officials involved in the killings of demonstrators. The protesters were underwhelmed against the personnel involved in the killings of the protesters, and evidence against them was either wasted or hid. Due to which many of the personnel have been damaged by these cases.

* And then the protest started:

In 2013, after the first year of President Morsi’s presidency, opposition and ruling party both announced the protests. Opposition parties were assured of peaceful demonstrations but it could not happen. In Egypt’s capital, Cairo, armed men rescued him after being demolished on the headquarter of the Muslim Brotherhood Muslim Brotherhood, The protesters returned the goods from there, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders criticized the role of security forces to fail to protect the head of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

* Invitation to take over the power by the army:

It was not even less unfortunate that a large and left leader of democracy, Hamadan Sabba, clearly invited the army to take over the power. He said: If President Morsi does not separate from power while respecting public affairs, the army should interfere and force them to do so. Holders of strong democratic thinking do not allow the army to intervene in any case in politics, whether the sky was broken, but it did not break the sky, but Egypt was on the path of development, prosperity and stability. Unfortunately, the effect of Egypt’s liberal and secular circles was strong that he was not ready to recognize any democracy in which the government could get an Islamic minded person.

* Based on protest against protesters:

Gernail, judges and secular, liberal circles used three statements of protest against President Morsi: First: When President Morsi graduated the ruling military leadership from his position and assigned responsibilities to the new journalists. So Hamadan and opposition leaders like Muhammad Al-Bardai misled the presidential move. Although the constitution of every democratic country in the world gives the right to the head of the country that it can change the military leadership, even though it can do it evenly.

Second: The second foundation was the presidential decree issued November 22, 2012, which was considered as an attempt to end the judiciary’s independence. Although Dr Marsi issued this order to preserve the constitutional assembly and declared that the judiciary could not make any decision against it. Additionally, two months increase in the assembly period. In decree it was said that no institution can dismiss presidential measures. In the decree, a contempt of inquiry into the death anniversary of the murder of former President Hosni Mubarak during the revolutionary movement.

Third: President Morsi gave the country a new constitution, liberal and secular circles declared it an attempt to implement Islamic law in the country. When President Marsee announced to hold the referendum to approve him from the nation, secular circles came to the streets, demanding that the referendum be canceled. Judge, on the other hand, refused to pay the supervisory constitutional duties on the occasion of holding this referendum. On the same day (December 8, 2012) the first statement came from the army in which the condition would not allow the situation to be overwhelmed. The coming days have completely opened the meaning of this military statement.

* Freedom of Journalists:

During the protests of the opposition parties, statements issued by the military journals were clearly expressed that they are happy and excited about the protest against Egyptian President. Then one day the armed forces General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi gave a 48-minute ultimate metaphor to reach all the political forces in a settlement. And said that if they do not reach any result then they will have to face the military map of the future and everyone will not join.

General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi declared rallies against President Morsi as an unprecedented show of public opinion. When opposition protesters were on the streets, military helicopters flies over them and continued to flag the Egyptian flag on protesters. On this occasion, Dr. Marsee stood on a strong wall in front of military ambitions. He refused to accept any kind of ultimate metaphor by the army that he was legally elected as president of the country. And no pressure will result in resignation and they will keep their constitutional responsibilities despite anti-government protests. They also said that they would defend their constitutional position till the death of the dead.

* US and Israel’s reaction:

The reaction from America to America’s political crisis is especially meaningful. American officials were clearly putting their weight in opposition. US President Barack Obama then called on President Morsi to look after the protesters’ protest against him. At the time, US Secretary of State John Kerry also advised the Egyptian President to accept the demands of the people. Israel also sinned Sikh after the protests, he was a member of the state in the region, but the Arab Spring had troubled him especially. The result of Arab revolt resulted in the end of Israel’s monopoly in the region. It was useful for him, such as Mubarak Mubarak, who was still in danger of his power.

* Gernal Mafia took over the power again:

On July 3, 2013, Egypt once again returned to the army generals, the newly appointed Journalists made Judge Mansoor (Supreme Court) a judge appointed as Hosni Mubarak, the country’s interim president; it was included in the judge, who had allowed Hosni Mubarak’s companion Ahmad Shafiq to participate in presidential elections. Although after the end of the power of Hosni Mubarak, the powerful military council which had enacted the law, the result of public pressure in this was also the clause that none of the Husni Mubarak members would be allowed to participate in presidential and parliamentary elections.

* President Morsi’s reaction against the French revolution:

On the intervention of Journalist Mafia, ruling party’s Muslim Brotherhood declared a strong resistance and said that in the event of a military coup against the elected leader, he will stand before the tanks and prefer martyrdom. As a result they largely shouted at Cairo’s Al-Qaeda squad. Speaking to the army, head of the Muslim Brotherhood General (head) Dr. Mohammad Badiya said that you are the country’s largest security force. But you have tried this power to the newborns of the Muslim Brotherhood. Your task is to empower the country on borders and our task is to give the country an elected leadership. You return back and return to the presidency to our elected president, you scare us with tanks, so listen it is impossible. We are more powerful than bullets and tanks. The Muslim Brotherhood proved to be the truth of all the above. More than 2600 members of the armed forces were shot dead; many of them were women and children.

* And then the opponents of the Morsi were forced to repeat

People in protest against President Morsi later felt embarrassingly that because of them, Hosni Mubarak’s associates returned, and once again dictatorship was established. The doctor was compelled to protest in the early days of the interim government appointed by the Tehreek (rebel) Movement General Al-Sisi, who was protesting against Marxist. They rejected the Constitutional Declaration by the Interim President Abdul Mansoor as a dictator. And said that we will be handed over to the interim president appointed by the army.

On the other hand, scholars of Jamia Al-Azhar were also split on steps against President Morsi. Dr. Hassan Shafi, Advisor of Sheikh Azazir also said that conspiracies were being prepared against Dr. Muhammad Morsi, and Martial Law was one of them. He resigned from membership of Reconciliation (Reconciliation) Committee after the incident of martyrdom of thousands of Christians. And said: This method of sending the people of the Christians to the house was extremely unusual. The most surprising thing was that during the prayer, the missile tablets were offered. Violence and pressure send home to Islamists, big mistake and nothing. He addressed the military journals and said: “You are only a soldier who lives in the spot of opportunity and only hunger of power.” He said: People were not afraid of fear and pressure at least at least Dr. Muhammad Morsi. Roy was the freedom at this time.

He said that Egypt could not change if the January 25 revolution was seen. Again, the same types of violent and corrupt elements have occupied power and the vote of the public has not been given much. He said: The world should now see that violence-loving and terrorist is not a religion but a Liberal class beyond the end.

Role of global forces against President Morsi:

There were two roles of the day starting against President Morsi, a Mohammed Al-Baradi and the other Umro Musa. Some analysts believe that after Hosni Mubarak, the Americans drew the two figures to maintain their occupation of Egyptian politics. The general impression about Mohammad Al-Baradi’s former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency is to be his American loyalty. He played a key role in the American campaign against Iran’s nuclear program. In his tenure, the International Atomic Energy Agency became a part of the American lie of the presence of weapons that spread massive destruction in Iraq, later, when the US led by foreign troops brutally brutalized Iraq, it came to know that no such weapon was recovered from anywhere in Iraq. Then the American leadership also believed that he had lied to fight the war on Iraq.

They came to the country during the revolutionary movement against Hosni Mubarak and presented themselves as an alternative leader. However, the people did not let them lead the revolutionary movement too. That is why they have also decided to attend presidential elections in the coming days, although they had previously announced to be presidential candidates. Umro Musa is the former secretary general of the Arab League. They had to face the presidential election against Dr. Muhammad Morsi. He was considered part of the American game in the Middle East. Before becoming the Arab League Secretary General, he is also the most prominent and foreign minister of the former dictator Hosni Mubarak. After the seal of his seal, the setup set up after the congratulation of the United States, Israel and other Western powers was not tolerable. So they supported the movement of opposition, President Morsi’s supernatural supremacy was on top of the army. Just! See how General Al-Sisi got power on every step after assuming power.


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