In the event that Brexit does not deal, the delivery of goods is likely to be disrupted

The UK will be separated from the European block on October 31

The UK will be separated from the European block on October 31

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According to British media, official documents have warned that the delivery of goods could be disrupted if there is no deal on Brexit. Some excerpts from this official report have been published in British newspapers on Sunday. Remember that the UK will be separated from the European bloc on October 31 even if there is no trade agreement with the European Union.

The report predicts that in the absence of a deal, customs clearance will be delayed in various ports across the UK, including delivery of fuel-like goods to South-East Britain, including London. It is expected that shortages of fresh food will lead to shortage of goods in some supermarkets. The UK meets 75% of the drug requirements of the European Union, therefore, the delivery of imported medicines is likely to be delayed.

Overseeing preparations for a non-deal deal with Brexit, Minister Michael Gove has sought to reduce the importance of these concerns. He stressed in his tweet that steps have been taken to accelerate Brexit planning. Apparently British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is about to leave the European Union without reaching an agreement.


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