In Place of Dr. Aafia’s return to American diplomat Colonel Joseph

In Place of Dr. Aafia's return to American diplomat Colonel Joseph

In Place of Dr. Aafia’s return to American diplomat Colonel Joseph

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Your judiciary is free. The beauty of the institution is to work without pressure Quaid and Iqbal will be the only democracy in this country. As long as you accompany, you will be fighting for your rights. In the live video of Chief Justice Sahib, it was a pride to hear the words. The apparent liberal existence of Pakistan felt American rumors was loose. Despite the most economical and moral sanctions in the United States, Pakistan’s advance in the case of American Colonel Joseph is also a pleasant change in the state’s statement. According to the incident, Col. Joseph, a US diplomat in Pakistan, broke the traffic signal and killed two motorcycle riders coming from opposite direction. A young man died and another injured. Despite being arrested from the scene, the foreign diplomat is allowed to leave the foreign diplomat with foreign laws.

This immunity for the Embassy ​​how was the legal killer? Is this exception not an open license to kill your citizens? The Foreign Secretary’s move on this occasion is remarkable that the protest was reported by the US ambassador. It was also assured that Pakistan will ensure the provision of justice according to domestic laws and the Vienna Convention. After the crash, Killer diplomat Colonel Joseph tried to escape abroad by foreign airline. On the occasion, the federal police’s timely defense move is a delight that not only trying to escape by tracing their air tickets, In spite of future concerns, the letter was given to the Ministry of Interior in order to put their name in the Exercise Control List (ECL). Under the precautionary, Colonel Joseph’s Pakistani driving license was canceled, Also, the immigration authorities were deployed on all airports and marine and land routes.

On the other hand, the US government also banned the release of independent movements of Pakistani diplomats (40 kilometers on the embassy side) in the United States for a quick summary of the matter. Ultra Thief quoted the ban on donut’s ban on the US embassy in Pakistan. According to the US Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Thomas A Shannon, such actions in diplomacy are common. It is clear that this statement from Mr. Thomas A Shannon is a statement of a Super Power spokesman, what is the law not for the rest of the people who obey the laws of animals and things in their country? In response to the security measures related to a murderer, restrictions for innocent people are really fear of the United States. How are you afraid? Many people from our country are weak and humble. If seen, America is also afraid of brave. According to the responsibilities of our national institutions, those who are committed to the supremacy of justice during this period of corruption.

The Islamabad High Court has called for the assassin’s diplomat to be named ECL. The petition filed by the victim Atiq’s father in court has come from Islamabad to Islamabad; Chief Commissioner and SHO Kohisar have been asked to submit a transparent investigation. This entire scenario is based on the contents of the recent speech of the Chief Justice that will fight for the rights of the people till the public will accompany them. Our country’s horrible history, before 2011, American diplomat Raymond Davis was killed in a crash by 4 people. At the time, the dealing of Pakistan’s oppressed daughter Dr Aafia’s release was in the custody of the patriotic public. But due to the American slavery of the government, the killer was deported to the United States in honor of Dental law. Now there is another chance in the case of murderer Colonel Joseph. Although relations between the two countries are not better than the President Trump’s intensified government in relation to domains. But in this regard, the hope of national development and the Chief Justice’s speech stops hope that this will be a democratic solution to democratize this issue. Dr. Aafia, a daughter of the nation’s respective nation, should be remembered by the scholars of justice, whom the United States sentenced to 86 years in prison without any evidence in the conspiracies of murder.

Dr. Aafia’s conviction can be the source of a repatriated return of Colonel Joseph. Chief Justice! You say that justice, wisdom, and law happen. It should change the law that does not meet the requirements of justice. In national affairs, the misuse of options and obstacles to the right of justice. You also say that human life is a blessing. Every human should get basic rights. He was not sent to this world in the world of suffering and depression. So Mr. Chief Justice! You will also be sure to know the situation at the highest level and position of the answer. Do not you know your country’s honor, Hafiz Quran, the world’s highest universities, graduates, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, who is determined to spread knowledge of your country in the country, is compelled to seduce the cruelty and cruelty of cruelty for the cruelty of the cruelty and severe life. Justice Sahib You, army chief and politicians just demand that justice should be made and fairly answered regarding Colonel Joseph. The judicial laws should be compatible with the modernity that victims of Atiq’s survivors also have the honorable justice. And for the release of Dr. Aafia, this opportunity could be used in a vivid manner.


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