In 1982, German scientists and Gaddafi helped to Pakistan create the atomic bomb

Pakistan was the first nuclear explosion on May 28, 1998

Pakistan was the first nuclear explosion on May 28, 1998


According to a report compiled in 1982, the CIA and Gaddafi of German scientists helped Pakistan build a nuclear bomb. An officer of the CIA, according to one of the documents leaked by the CIA said in its report. Under which Libya had a secret agreement with Libya’s Prime Minister Zulfqar Ali Bhutto and Pakistan were developing the atomic bomb Libya was to provide nuclear security. For this purpose, around $ 50 million, Karachi Gaddafi came through the air. No information about the involvement of China in Pakistan’s nuclear activities are not reported, the general was aware of the potential wrath of US intelligence activities he had also claimed. There is no intention to develop a nuclear weapon, but in these times it is not stopped working. The report warned of strained plutonium to build a recycling plant to Pakistan by the US government at the time, the CIA report has named the deputy director of the global events that affect the United States in November 1982. He was quoted in the report that the increase in the manufacture of nuclear bombs they are buying equipment and parts for the manufacture of a nuclear weapon, and reports that in the next 2 months they will start to tense plutonium recycling plant However, the manufacture of nuclear weapons and in another document released to the public on the World Wide spread reports citing a German newspaper reported in July 198.1 How German scientists and the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi secretly helped Pakistan become a nuclear power. Libya’s oil wealth for this purpose was provided to Pakistan the German 3 and 4 of the German article Pakistanis, including the appointment of a senior government official.


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