If you celebrate the New Year, you will remember that…

In the list of New Year's intentions, just make sure that the girl you marry is not a Hindu.

In the list of New Year’s intentions, just make sure that the girl you marry is not a Hindu.

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When you are celebrating the New Yearso two, three things will definitely be remembered.Thousands of farmers is still camping on Delhi’s borders in the hope that one day their voices will reach the houses of power. They include the elderly, children and young people, men and women. Most of them have been sitting on the sit-in for so many days that they may not even remember why they are protesting. But what to do, there is democracy; everyone has the right to raise their voice and express their grievances to the government. So let him sit where he wants to sit. They feel that the government is ruining the future of the farmers by making new laws; the government thinks that the farmers are wasting their time for no reason because the governments only work for the betterment of the people.

If this is really true then why are the foolish farmers lying on the streets on cold nights? This is a very simple question, but it is difficult to answer. But the government knows everything and is telling everyone. Opposition parties are misleading them just like she was doing to Muslims earlier this year. You may have forgotten, but you may not have forgotten the women who spent the last winter sitting on the streets like farmers. She also sat on the streets for so many days that she may have forgotten why she left home. But then you must have thought that women do not leave the house for no reason, so they just sit there, late in the morning you will remember what the protest was against.

But we remember. He was worried that the BJP government was trying to deprive him of his citizenship. Even then, the rulers had said that these people were wasting their time for no reason. No one’s citizenship will be lost, only opposition parties are misleading them. Then they had to get out of the streets because they had to return home to deal with the corona virus. When Corona arrived, millions of poor people took to the streets to return to their homes. When the lockdown was imposed, billions of people were trapped in their homes. But there were also millions who never needed to travel and have fun. They stopped working, just walked hundreds of kilometers to their homes. He, too, in the scorching heat, neither managing water nor eating, was saying on the way that if he had to die of starvation, he would go home and die. How are we doing here?

The painful stories of these poor people echoed around the world. Such scenes have never been seen before the partition of the country. Roadblocks were set up at various places and these people were shifted to special centers for their betterment so that they would not spread the coronavirus across the country. And as always, the opposition continued to do politics. And people keep thinking that when these people get so easily misled by the talk of the opposition parties, sometimes they sit on the street themselves, sometimes they sit their women down, or at least let them sit, So why not vote for them? It may seem a bit substandard, but it must be admitted that despite the progress made in women’s rights, there are still many women in South Asia who can really do whatever they want.

And yes, when it comes to women, let’s talk about jihad. Just be careful not to mention marriage in the list of New Year’s intentions, if so, be careful not to be out of religion, and if so, at least you can do so that the girl is not a Hindu because if it did, then it would be better for Barat to go straight to jail from home. Many Indian states have enacted such strict laws to prevent such marriages that parents will be seen advising children to commit crimes, even if it means robbing a bank, but beware of the idea of ​​marriage outside of religion. Bring to mind, such shackles will fall into the hands that even the lifelong bond of marriage will begin to look like a child’s play and the girls? Don’t they understand enough to decide who to marry or not to marry? This is a futile question, when Muslim women can be seduced or intimidated into sitting on the streets, when farmers can be misled in the blink of an eye, when workers do not know what is good and what is bad for them. So are only girls descended from heaven to distinguish between good and bad? So, sir, when you celebrate the New Year, you will remember that there are more sorrows in this world, except for love, and in spite of all efforts, it is still seen here.


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