If Imran Khan did a speech on August 11, like Quaid-e-Azam

 Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and 'Naya Pakistan's Prime Minister Imaran Khan

Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and ‘Naya Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imaran Khan

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 If Imran Khan did a speech on August 11 this is the date when Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said that there is no Muslim in Pakistan, neither Hindu nor Sikh nor Persian or Christian, Not all religious, but religiously, are all Pakistani. In view of this point, Imran should speak for the first time that the first thing about them, there is still some doubts in some people. He has not spoken anything against the Taliban yet. The President of the Afghan President has arrived and Imran Khan has said that the Prime Minister will first visit Afghanistan. He and all of Pakistan know that over half half of Afghanistan is occupied by Taliban and ISIL. Now, while America is willing to negotiate with the Taliban, its solution to Kashmir and Kashmir will be possible through talks. America was forced to get out of Vietnam. Intelligent is required to allow the Afghans to deal with their problems, and focus on their issues that are not less.

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah also said in the August 11 speech that such acts of bribery and corruption will not endure in Pakistan. As Pakistan became local and first-born migrants, like sharing a monkey, occupied every high business and quota in western Pakistan. The diamond gems kept in statues by breaking the locks of houses. On this, from the factories of ice to the rest of the business, people were occupied by understanding wealth. Actually, this department’s population, which is still available after 70 years and its head of PPP and N League, are facing cases. Actually, root of bribe and corruption in Pakistan started from there. In the allotment of inner-west Pakistan landscapes, the cinemas and the movie studios, all of you continued to thank me.

When Liaqat Ali Khan was killed, his pocket had a few rupees but before leaving for his visit to US as the streets of Bagmah Liaqat Ali Khan were prepared in the supervision of Bagum Daultana, While the government did not even have the money to pay the government employees to the government employees, but in such a manner, every government has brought martial names to the name of democracy, apart from this, Bhutto, who gave a dress to Pakistan’s people. Kurta, Shlover who wears today from the worker to the prime minister, I have a good idea about this newborn Shaerani who wears our President and Prime Minister. I was in Sri Lanka; his president invited us to eat. All the people were eating food at the banana leaves. Now the importance of hand-eating issues, scientists has also given importance to washing hands when you eat your hands so your handsome enzymes help digestive food.

Every politician of the end of corruption, every Maulvi and every businessman talk. Tell me what the last 6 year old girl does not commit to teach a 60 year old child. Do not buy a bargain with rice in the export, is it possible that all kinds of peppers are made in peppers and black tea gram flour in the leaves of tea. And you and the government and the breaking and breaking of this, the traffickers and police officers and countless names themselves do not do this. After coming to the government, Nawaz Sharif’s speeches write down the elaborate rituals like Naseem Mushar, and give him the rehearsals. The newspapers take advantage of their influence and celebrations on one side and in the newspaper, heading the same price, in the newspaper.

The scope of corruption is so broad that members of the Parliament recommend gathering attendance that day his observer was happy. In a room carrying Hajj, ten, ten slaves keep sheep like sheep and reaching Hajj and return on their own local pockets. This is all the things you know. How many youths are taken in such a crazy way by giving millions of rupees to go out? Most die containers die in hours.

Imran Khan! The person who will fix 500 CDs to carry the CDA’s infrared file to him. Every day the weight of bread and the price is increasing, the crop crop in Afghanistan increases. Many drugs are used in Pakistan. It is difficult to hear that pilgrims are now caught daily and taking drugs and what the goods have been supplying to the shops, as much as the pyramid shops spread, women and gentlemen employed by our aircraft. Despite the ban from last year the series continues. Imran Khan! One of the leaders of Quaid-e-Azam’s August 11 speech is full of sorrow. Make her smile. All the people will stand with you. God will be your protector.


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