Hundreds more killed in Germany from Corona, emergency in London and Tokyo

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Suga's press conference on the state of emergency is being broadcast

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Suga’s press conference on the state of emergency is being broadcast

Berlin, London. Tokyo … News Time

Hundreds more have died of the corona virus in Germany in the past 24 hours. According to news agencies, figures released on Thursday by the Robert Koch Institute for German Infectious Diseases Prevention show that 1,070 deaths were recorded in a single day. According to the agency, the total number of deaths due to corona in the country has reached 37,607, while the number of more victims of corona virus has increased by about 26,400 and the total number has exceeded 1.835 million.

On the other hand, after the new wave of corona virus in the UK, a severe lockdown is going on across the country, especially in the capital London. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a month-long lockdown in the country, during which educational institutions, restaurants and shopping malls will be closed. Authorities have urged citizens to stay home these days. Meanwhile, British medical experts say that if the capital London is completely infected with the corona virus, a strategy is being developed to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, Japan has declared a state of emergency in the capital Tokyo and its three suburbs in view of the increasing cases of corona. The one-month state of emergency will end on February 7. Authorities say markets and restaurants are more likely to spread the virus, so strict restrictions are being imposed during emergencies, but schools will remain open during the new restrictions in and around Tokyo.


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