How will life be on earth without the moon?

 Only one moon is going to rotate around the earth and if this is not, the ground system will be confused

Only one moon is going to rotate around the earth and if this is not, the ground system will be confused

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After a new research, it has come to pass that the moon moves around the earth, the moon is slowly getting away from the ground. And not only is going away, but its speed is also decreasing. If the moon suddenly disappeared one night and never comes back, have we thought that the world without the moon would be like that? The 14th moon is more than 14,000 times brighter than Venus, but if the moon goes away from the earth, it will be dark every day as it is night on every new moon. That’s why every day; it feels in the morning how moon is important for us. It is not important to reach the moon between the earth and the sun and to rotate the earth in its orbit the only system is to rotate around the earth and if it is not so, the ground system will be confused. That moon also affected the waves of water on the ground. Water will not only grow in the waves of water available on the ground without the moon, but water will tide in one place, which will affect water, They include large numbers of crabs and cabins because they are found in the tide zone. The absence of the moon can also destroy our ecosystem because the foods which are crushed and fed up when they do not get their diet, they will harm other water resources due to which many other problems can be faced. That is why in the last few years a land has decreased in the population of oceans and sea. A number of sea creatures gives eggs to the rising dates of the moon so that their generation can grow but if the moon is not there, their growing generation will also stop, and one day the name of all the living creatures will disappear from the world. Without the moon there will be no special difference in human life, but if there is a change in something, it is our season. In the wake of the moon, climbing and ticking waves combines cold and hot water which causes changes in seasons. But if this chain is torn, cold and hot areas will cool in the coolest areas. Apart from this, another problem that will come to the Meteorological Department will be because of the weather conditions without the moon. All changes on one side, but the biggest change that is, is that there is a 23-degree 5 degree due to the moon’s temptation. And if the moon ends, the earth will come between 10 to 45 degrees, which is a very dangerous thing. The moon needs not only today’s day, but experts believe it is playing an important role in the land of 3.5 million years ago. On the other hand it is fair to say that the moon performs light at night only rather, it is the moon which has been able to live on earth.


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