Hong Kong Chief Executive C Y Leung refuses to resign

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung refuses to resign

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung refuses to resign

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Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung protest by refusing to resign and said that he abandon his campaign. Five days after the protests began; he said in his first statement the protesters about electoral reform will not change the minds of the Chinese government. Demonstrations in favor of democratic reform in Hong Kong because life will remain suspended and the current chief executive of protesters Monday night leaders demanded the resignation of the Y CY Leung was repeated. Occupy Central movement’s leaders said in a statement that the date provided in the form of full democracy would condemn them. In Hong Kong by the Chinese government in 2017 to investigate alleged election candidates began protesting against the decision. Hong Kong authorities have declared the protest illegal However, on Monday by the police to disperse the crowd using tear gas and batons to increase the number of protesters. Hong Kong’s government has urged protesters to leave quietly and peacefully, but protesters have camped outside government buildings complex. Protesters in Hong Kong currently have three main areas of the city have closed roads. In these areas, schools were closed and transport is suspended. And business centers are closed. China and other countries to support their illegal demonstrations, warned about the protests in the country have started to censor reporting. A spokesman for the Office of the President of the Hong Kong authorities to show restraint and to explain your side of the protesters peacefully demanded. Occupy Central protesters, including students and members of the group, to China, Hong Kong people have the freedom to choose their leaders and the Chinese government in 2017 for the post of Chief Executive Election candidate’s plans to investigate quit.  Occupy Central Group in its latest statement on the use of delaying tactics and is charged He wants to postpone the process of consultation on electoral reforms. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong to demand the resignation of CY Leung is quoted saying that the history of the development of democracy in Hong Kong will condemn their character. Hong Kong still most of the time the demonstration remained peaceful, but clashes with police in a five-day, 41 people have been injured, including 12 policemen.


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