Hindu women lose the position of God after the court order

Forcing women to enter the temple, they are forced to stop violence

Forcing women to enter the temple, they are forced to stop violence

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Kerala High Court refuses to maintain purity in the 1990s, denying women his candidature was imposed in the historic Sabarimala Temple of Kerala, which was taken after several years after the Indian Supreme Court took notice. And after a long struggle, Hindu women were allowed to bow down before God. But please, of course, extremism, which is so intense that religion does not even exist.

This extremist attitude first mentioned the Supreme Court on the Supreme Court’s verdict in Kerala. And now in front of Sabarimala Temple, thousands of extremists are performing a violent protest against Gods to protect Hindu women. Violence of women coming to the temple is stopped by violence. In the first Sabarimala Temple, women of the coming age of menstrual age did not have permission to enter the temple, but Hindu extremists say that the problem is not only menstrual but also kept here, Lord Ayyappan Statue and this is God who made a promise to live a virgin and spent the whole life alone. It is also said that Lord Ayyappan Statue was born due to two male walls which had strengthened him with demonic forces and Satan was a woman.

t is true that any history of religious history women in Hindu Dharm  the chain of keeping away from the worshiper now became very intuitive. But sadly, there are a large number of Hindu women standing in the dispute with the help of extremist behavior. These women are stopping every vehicle going to the temple, confirming that there is no age between 10 to 50 years of age. Sabarimala Temple has become a major controversy of India at this time. There is a huge deployment of police, but the protesters are not ready to retreat. No one knows that when a large scale of corruption is raised in India, it has taken the tradition from the chest to centuries.


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