Hezbollah is a threat to Lebanon; Iran should stop its aid

Former finance minister and moderate Mohammad chatah

Former finance minister and moderate Mohammad chatah

Beirut — News Time

Victims of a terrible explosion in the Lebanese capital, the former finance minister and moderate Mohammad chatah just a week before his violent militant Shiite militia Hezbollah, the Iranian president has called for the withdrawal of patronage. Mohammad chatah demanded that in a letter traditionally aimed Shiite militias because Lebanon’s security and sovereignty of the state was aware of the serious risks arising. Mohammad chatah to the letter signed by the Lebanese MPs get the letter as being representative of the Lebanese people. Iranian president letter March 14 to come into existence had the backing of political unity. Clear that the Lebanese political coalition, the Syrian regime and Bashar Lebanese ally Hezbollah opposes the killing of civilians by the Syrian. Leading newspaper, the Wall Street Journal chatah by Mohammad Rohani text of the letter is part of your post. Mohammad chatah spiritual addressed to the Presidentoutdoor Security and State alliances far more is at stake than in the past. Maybe our success or failure of the Islamic Republic of Iran can play an important role, for this reason we are writing this letter to you, the President of Iran the letter on November 24 with six world powers on Iran’s nuclear dispute, referring to the agreement that was written by Mohammad chatah Lebanon to protect its security and sovereignty from Iran requires more commitment. Further writes the current interim agreement on the nuclear program and the statements you have made since being elected president, his base has exceeded our expectations that the President of Iran as a positive way to take concrete steps will be for you. Lebanon and the region are necessary to move the concrete so that it can be estimated that the region regarding Iran looks really reinvent their policies? Mohammad chatah writes the Lebanese Shiite militia, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, thanks to help from a militant group emerged from the last thirty years and is now Lebanon has become a threat to state authority. Iranian president addressedI wrote that letter also stated that the people of Lebanon are divided about the Syrian conflict, political alliances, as we fully stand by the Syrian people politically and morally. However, representative of Lebanon Lebanon real responsibility to protect us from the fire and death is knocking on our door. Because the reality is that the conflict in Syria continues our many border towns and villages as the fires of violence have shifted.


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