Heat in the winter on the North Pole, North Pole Winter temperatures average temperatures over 36 degree Fahrenheit

 North Pole Winter temperatures average temperatures over 36 degree Fahrenheit

North Pole Winter temperatures average temperatures over 36 degree Fahrenheit

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The average winter temperature of 36 degrees the temperature of the North Pole this year discovered that Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius), which concerns them most. The North Pole is at midnight (Arctic), the winter sun is below the horizon. This situation continued until March each year, and then the sun comes over the horizon for the next 6 monthsbut the Arctic this year in the United States, Canada and Russia weather stations temperature being recorded is critical. This winter the temperature at the North Pole than this average is up 36 Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Although it is much lower than the freezing temperature is still quite slow process of becoming the new snow, resulting in much higher than average about which scientists say that in 2012 less than the lowest of a new snow. This is alarming for the global environment because the North Pole is an appropriate abundance of new snow during winter while there is also widespread in the oceans of the world; water is becoming snow melts in summer and not only is a great help in keeping the balance of the earth’s atmosphere. The result of a little snow will appear next year in a further reduction in ice on the North Pole; the experts who study there have also expressed concerns. The continued increase in the average temperature over the past few years. And every year, is proving to be much warmer than the previous year. North Pole are indicated by the same conditions as it is the second consecutive year when the winter temperature is greater than the average recorded previously. According to reports, this year the average winter temperature of 12.6 degree Fahrenheit Russia polar stations of 7 ° C has been more record while Russia, Alaska and north-western Canada are places that have exactly the North Pole, there is also the winter temperature 5.4 degree Fahrenheit (3 degrees C from the previous average) is higher. The situation is very dangerous because there are few stations were temperatures up to 20 ° C average winter record. It can be said that keeping all these things that 2016 will be another hot year but this year may surpass the 2017 heat so we must be prepared for any environmental mishap for each part of the planet Earth works like a full-scale system is connected to any of the other parts, and changes in one part can also affect other parts. The increase in temperature will affect the North Pole and the bears, fish and other animal populations, but its impact will have on the world. But it is how and to what extent? It remains to be seen.


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