Hassan and Hussain Nawaz submitted compliant report to declare advertisement in court

Hassan and Hussain Nawaz

Hassan and Hussain Nawaz

Islamabad … News time

According to the compliant report of Husain and Hasan Nawaz to advertise and details of Hussain Nawaz’s 4 bank accounts were presented in Accountability Court. Justice Mohammad Bashir of Accountability Court Islamabad, when the hearing started, the NAB’s investigative officer was interrupted, after hearing the hearing again, the investigative officer presented a compliant report to Hasan and Hussain Nawaz to declare advertisement. The investigative officer presented in the detail court of 4-year-old Husain Nawaz’s bank account. According to Deputy Prosecutor General NAB, money is available in the four accounts of the private bank of Hussain Nawaz. According to the NAB report, Hussain Nawaz’s bank account has an estimated 3992 rupees, 4272 euros in the second. The third bank account had 207.53 pounds, while the fourth account has 382381 rupees. The report said that there is no property in LDA and DHA Hassan and Hussain Nawaz, Deputy Commissioner Lahore and Navy Town are waiting for the reply. Investigation Officer Mohammad Kamran told the court that the judicial order of Husband and admiral Adabi was executed, Both the advertisers’ advertisements visited the housing and judicial notice board, the guests and the guests of the Raiwand Road were also declared hostages Hussain and Hassan. According to Inspector General, notes for applying on Avenfield Properties in London to the Foreign Office, which were placed there. The two months have been terminated by the court. The suspects have intentionally hid themselves, are not present in front of the court, the judicial proceedings have been completed, the accused should be declared an advertiser.


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