Hackers seize Washington police computers for ransom

The same month, Babuk hacked the Houston Rockets basketball team's network, Photo Internet

The same month, Babuk hacked the Houston Rockets basketball team’s network, Photo Internet

Washington DC … News Time

Hackers have hacked the computer network of the Washington Police Department. According to a foreign news agency, the ransomware (hacking computer network and ransom) group Babuk has threatened the Washington police that if they do not contact within 3 days, then they will be in their network. Reveal sensitive information of existing police informants. According to the report, the Washington, D.C. Police Department said in a statement issued yesterday that “we are aware of unauthorized access to our servers and will review its full impact, as well as ask the FBI to fully investigate the matter.” Washington police have not released further details on the matter, nor is it clear whether police have access to their own system following the hacker operation. Babuk is a new ransomware group coming out this year, whose members speak Russian. “We have downloaded a lot of information from the police department’s internal network,” the group said in a statement.

On the other hand, a screenshot released by the group on the Dark Web and social media shows that Babuk has gained access to criminal activity and intelligence reports on police records. The news agency says the FBI is investigating the case, the first time cyber-attackers have gained access to police department computers and sensitive information. Hackers usually break into the security systems of large companies or entities to gain access to sensitive information and demand a hefty ransom to return access to the network. That same month, Babuk hacked into the Houston Rockets basketball team’s network to gain access to players’ contracts and financial data, and took control of the network for a ransom.


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