Germany, France and Spain agree to build joint combat jet

Proposed design of joint German, French and Spanish fighter jets

Proposed design of joint German, French and Spanish fighter jets

Berlin … News Time

Germany, France and Spain have agreed on a multi-billion-euro joint venture to build a new, state-of-the-art European boy plane. The test flight of this fighter is expected to start in 2027. After weeks of negotiations, Germany, France and Spain on Monday also pledged to move ahead with preparations for the next phase of the FCAS platform, a combat aircraft with future needs. It is the largest defense project in Europe. The plan also includes the development of next-generation fighter jets and drones, as well as the development of a communications network equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities called Combat Cloud. The three countries have so far failed to agree on intellectual property rights and the division of labor among their NATO allies. French Defense Minister Florence Parly said in a tweet that France, Germany and Spain were developing one of the most important tools for their and Europe’s sovereignty in the 21st century. The FCAS project is the largest defense program in Europe. It is hoped that by 2040, new fighter jets will replace France’s Raphael and Germany’s Vaspen Eurofighters.


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