George W. Bush criticized the Donald Trump      

Former US President George W. Bush and current President Donald Trump

Former US President George W. Bush and current President Donald Trump

New York … News Time

Former US President George W. Bush, who received a historical significance regarding 9/11, on criticizing the current President Donald Trump’s criticism and criticism on the last day, he said that by the measures of self-determination, the threat of America’s democracy has begun. George W. Bush said that Donald Trum’s policies contain acute pin prevalence and deterioration, while non-tolerance is significant. Speaking in New York, former President George W. Bush said, “Our country’s politics has been formulated by theories, because the real facts are being presented and breaking.” George W. Bush, former US President, did not directly name the President Donald Trump however, criticism of these criticisms regarding administrative affairs, which was the main target of the Donald Trump. Former President Bush said that Trump’s controversial policies are controversial against millions of voters in the country. George Bush said, “Donald Trump is treated as a bad deal with America which can be called abusive religion. George Bush said that the trump’s stand could easily be converted into a form of envy. Donald Trump is one of the most exhausted President Barack Obama’s President Barack Obama those who had a special idea of ​​keeping, but the trumpets are extremely cautious. George Bush said in the present era it seems like the concept of nationality has changed into personalities, which will have a worse loss than the benefit of the country. President Bush’s organization is very important because President Bush is from the US Republican Party while President Donald Trump is also associated with the Republican Party, the fact is clear the Republican party’s top leaders are also in contrast to the policies and practices of President Donald Trump. On the public level, there is a lot more significantly against President Donald Trum. There is no doubt that President Trump’s policies have influenced the US image, which is said that the US is a country of refugees. President Trum has come up with policies such as the purpose of preventing foreigners, especially from the people of the Muslim countries in America. Apart from this, the policy of the President Trump which was adopted by North Korea and Iran was not seen in the world. That is why they are increasingly opposed to the US conservative party too. The way the president is opposed to the trumpet, it seems to be a big split within the Republican Party in the coming time. The division of the division will be a huge loss.


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