Gaza bombed on the 8th day, 24 more martyrs, and 48,000 homeless

Gaza bombed on the 8th day, 24 more martyrs, and 48,000 homeless

Gaza bombed on the 8th day, 24 more martyrs, and 48,000 homeless

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The Israeli bombardment of Gaza continued for the eighth day in a row, killing 24 more Palestinians and wounding several others. The martyrs included 10 members of the same family who had taken refuge in the refugee camp. The orphanage was also destroyed in the blast. Hospitals are full of injured, lack of medical facilities. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has expressed concern over the increase in the number of martyrs due to the ongoing bombings. The rocket attacks also completely destroyed the Islamic University. Fortunately, students and staff were not at the university at the time of the attack. Israel closes border with Gaza. A spokesman for the OCHA, a United Nations relief agency, said it was important for volunteers to enter Gaza. The UN refugee agency UNRWA has told the BBC that 48,000 Palestinians are homeless and have taken refuge in 58 schools. According to the organization, the frightened people of Gaza are worried about where the next attack will take place, where the bombing will take place.

Amnesty International has called for a global investigation into the brutal Israeli bombing of Gaza. A statement from Amnesty International’s London headquarters said that the indiscriminate bombardment of the civilian population by the Israeli army was a matter of concern and that more than 200 Palestinians had been killed. Destroying buildings with missiles is one of the collective punishment tactics, the statement said. On the other hand, Hamas fired rockets at Israeli territory from Gaza, killing 10 Jews, while Lebanon also fired rockets at Israeli territory. According to foreign media, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, fired rockets at an Israeli warship off the coast of Gaza. According to media reports, Tel Aviv International Airport is deserted, with 70 to 90 daily flights being canceled. International traffic is not diverted to Israel due to rocket fire on Tel Aviv. According to sources, only Israel’s state-run airline has resumed airport operations, which have been shut down during the attacks.

US President Joe Biden has telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for the fourth time in a week. A statement from the White House said, “The United States has urged Israel to ensure the safety of civilians. Biden did not call for an immediate ceasefire. According to media reports, Netanyahu asked Biden for two to three more days to carry out more attacks. In addition, Egypt says it will provide $.500 million in reconstruction aid after the Israeli operation damaged infrastructure in Gaza. The Egyptian president said in a statement that he would provide access to reconstruction companies.


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