G7countries consider forming a common front against China

The three-day talks in London discussed ways to form a united front against China

The three-day talks in London discussed ways to form a united front against China

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In the first face-to-face meeting of foreign ministers in two years, the group of seven rich countries of the world discussed ways to form a united front against the increasingly confident China. According to the report, in support of US President Joe Biden’s call for a strong coalition of democratic parties, the host Britain invited other guests, including India, South Korea and Australia, for three days of talks in central London. After a reception focused on Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear programs, the foreign ministers began formal talks at Lancaster House, where they greeted each other with less staff, taking into account Corona’s security measures. At its first meeting, the G7 discussed China, whose growing military and economic influence at home and abroad has left Western nations worried.

“Our goal is not to control China or try to suppress it,” US Secretary of State Antony Blanken told reporters. “What we are doing is maintaining an order based on international law, which our countries have invested heavily in decades, not just for our own citizens, but for China,” he said. I will present the position of people from all over the world. Antony Blinken vowed “strong cooperation” with Britain to put pressure on China over the Xinjiang region, where Washington has committed genocide over Beijing’s imprisonment of one million Uighurs and other Muslims. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called on Beijing to live up to its promises, including on Hong Kong, which had been promised a separate system before being handed over to the colony by London in 1997. However, like the Biden administration, Dominic Raab emphasized the need to find constructive ways to work consciously and positively with China, wherever possible, including on climate change. “We want to see China step in and play its full role,” he said. The G7 nations, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, are mostly concerned about China, but some have differing views.

Summit preparations

The foreign ministers’ official agenda includes Russia, Myanmar, Libya, Syria and other issues, including climate change. Antony Blanken will leave for Ukraine after Russia withdrew 100,000 troops from the border areas and Crimea last month. The G7 is set to host a summit of leaders in Cornwall in south-west England next month, the first foreign trip since US President Joe Biden took office. He will also discuss Ethiopia, Somalia, the coast and the Western Balkans, which London says are putting pressure on geopolitical issues that threaten democracy, liberties and human rights. Dominic Robb said the G7 presidency of the United Kingdom is a golden opportunity to unite democratic societies and show unity, which is sorely needed to address common challenges and growing threats.


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