From the statement of Nawaz Sharif’s Mumbai attack damage of civil reputation, Ansar Abbasi, Hassan Nisar criticized

From the statement of Nawaz Sharif's Mumbai attack damage of civil reputation

From the statement of Nawaz Sharif’s Mumbai attack damage of civil reputation

Islamabad … News Time

Officials of dynamic non-state elements involved in the Mumbai attacks were involved. In the interview, Nawaz Sharif said that behind the Mumbai attacks, there was a hand of dynamic banned organizations in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif questioned whether we should allow 150 non-state elements to cross the border by killing non-state elements? It should also be explained why why the judicial proceedings are not being fulfilled against the accused?

What is the Indian media that the entire India, India, sweared to Nawaz Sharif’s statement about Mumbai attacks. Mian Nawaz Sharif gave Pakistan something to his propaganda against Pakistan with his most irresponsible and worthless statement, which he could expect. Do not let Nawaz Sharif know that at a time, Pakistan’s anti-Pakistan statement, which can only benefit us and only our enemies. Listen to the Indian media what he is saying.

Indian media is referring to Nawaz Sharif’s statement in his headlines Biggest ever terror admission from Pakistan (Pakistan’s biggest acceptance to terrorism). He is saying that the former Prime Minister of Pakistan acknowledged that the terrorists were sent to Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks. Indian media is shouting that the Mumbai blasts claim that India was behind the blasts. Nawaz Sharif, who was elected three times Pakistan today, confirmed it. Not only this, Mian Sahib was accused of being indecessor that India did not allow the proceedings of the Mumbai attacks to be carried out and responsible for Pakistan.

Mian Nawaz Sharif told the correspondent of the English newspaper in his interview, who had published a newsletter with newsletters. If the newsletter was against Pakistan’s interests, this interview by Mian Sahib is worse than that and is dangerous for Pakistan. Many social sympathizers of N League and Mian Sahib were sometimes given by the media, Musharraf, sometimes Imran Khan, sometimes General Durrani and some others in the past. Referring to controversial statements, Nawaz Sharif is trying to reduce the impact of this fresh statement. And what is the new thing Nawaz Nawaz has done. I am requesting all the reports that to see the few Indian channels and newspapers, you will find out what Nawaz Sharif did. And how damaging it to Pakistan? Nawaz Sharif can not be compared with another politician or a journalist because he has been the Prime Minister of Pakistan for three times. What will Mian Nawaz Sharif talk about will be considered by the world and will give it importance too.

The source was rely on sources for what came through Down Leaks but now Nawaz Nawaz talk about this in the interview. Why should Nawaz Sharif talk about such a situation that is not only against Pakistan’s policy but also beyond reality. India’s non-cooperation and testimony should not be provided to Pakistan due to the proceedings of the proceedings of Mumbai attacks. But Mian Sahib made his mistake in Pakistan. Pakistan always denied that the state of India or its organization was involved in the conspiracy of Mumbai attacks. But after the statement of Mian Sahib, the Indian media got an opportunity to say it former prime minister of Pakistan acknowledged that the terrorists had sent the terrorists to Mumbai attacks. If there was a different opinion about the security matters and foreign affairs, then the opinion could be shared by sitting in a closed room. What kind of politics is this that Pakistan has presented itself with a news interview. On the leave of the ministry, Mian Sahib will take his stance to this extent, perhaps he will not even think. Contrary to this, Nawaz Sharif described the policy of Pakistan regarding Mumbai attacks during his ministry. This statement has made serious threats to the integrity of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif’s statement has strengthened the United States and other enemies of Pakistan who are doing similar propaganda to weaken Pakistan’s army. And loss is only Pakistan and Pakistan. Talking to foreign affairs and security matters requires a lot of caution and especially those who are getting or accustomed to major government positions are not expected from any unusual statement. Because any such irrelevant statement from such individuals can harm the integrity and interests of any country. Nawaz Sharif has put himself in the list of such people.

Leading analyst Hasan Nisar presented his analysis in a program, saying that Nawaz Sharif on one side is calling them non-state actors. So other hand he is saying what he has done with our permission, I never considered Nawaz Sharif a good place for this country, She is a hungry man of money but today I have sorrow, regret and shame and I think that despite being this man, Pakistan does not need any internal and external enemy. From the NLs, I will say that Nawaz Nawaz, who was Prime Minister three times, called on a vicious Pakistani servant to call a senior journalist and accused him of being a terrorist state on Pakistan.

He said that it should be considered in the underlying circumstances, because everything in the coming few months will come out clearly. The prime minister, who has been the three times of this country, has humbled on the back of the country. He added that records of domestic history loans have broken, he added. The payment of a loan loan is based on the head; America’s President is a person like Donald Trumpp, who has no shame. He said that our army is at war at the moment, it is a crackdown against terrorism, being a nuclear power of Pakistan, and many people are not digestive. This is Nawaz Sharif who told Benazir Bhutto that he was security I am ready to take oath with Nawaz Sharif and say that Allah will protect the people of this country from the evil of this person. Today mine is the world’s day and this man has given this terrible gift to the mother-in-law on this world day and can go to any extent, speaking to the audience, Hassan Nisar said that he should first remember that the federation should be with the country and not with the people. Everyone who loves this country should think who is responsible for doing such things in the situation and who is the treacherous, I am saying these words today, after thinking very much.

Hassan Nisar said while talking about space creatures, said Shahbaz Sharif says no space is mixed while Mian is bringing the space creatures into a batch. Both brothers are contrary to each other and brother or sister-in-law can not separate them from any power if they are separated. Let’s get rid of my brother’s brother, I go to another corner of the world but my unfriendly relationship with my brother will be established and that relationship is established by Shahbaz and Nawaz. He said that there is a rational difference between the first days that is also on rise while Shahbaz Sharif has severely denied this, Nawaz Sharif’s statement confesses to defeat. Space creatures can not be fought.

He said that on the coming days, Nawaz Sharif is treason because this three times Prime Minister sitting in his own country, is calling his own country terrorists. He said that honor is not found in good and good, nor can he be shot dead. How many curses have been sent to the Parliament, there is an example of Imran Khan, as honorable Imran Khan is as Parliamentarians, no one can be more than. Sheikh Rasheed is also a parliamentarian who has also cursed. Nawaz Sharif, who was absent in 321 meetings, was present only 61 times in the assembly and the prime minister made of it is demanding honor.

He said Bilawal did two best work to leave a ground and give it to PTI and go to second place Ahsan Iqbal, Now Prime Minister should have to put Bilawal as a model in front of his family to understand his behavior and correct his deeds. Aleem Khan’s statement that an unwanted person can not confront the chairman NAB but Hassan Nisar said that the matter is absolutely correct now that Aleem Khan should be included in the words of the treacherous person, because Nawaz Sharif, who has died, is not a beggar, it is an accident that was planned and by measuring the measles, the country has been hit by the back. He said that he is not telling the treacherous himself that the plan of Mian Sahib is saying that calling the servant, Interviewing and doing such a thing proves that. He said that Asghar Khan Case is open Nawaz Nawaz has made money batteries and has not even denied it. And I say I do not remember if this is what I have done. He said that in the life of the nations there are only 40, 50 years of everything if they do not even get them off, then forget.


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