French president gives 15-day ultimatum to Muslim leaders

Protesters have condemned President Macron over his comments about Islam

Protesters have condemned President Macron over his comments about Islam

Paris… News Time

The French president gave Muslim leaders a 15-day ultimatum to accept the Charter of Democratic Values. According to foreign media, this ultimatum has been given by the French President to the French Council of the Muslim Faith, a recognized body of Muslims in France for contacting the state. The French president, accompanied by his interior minister, met with leaders of the French Council of the Muslim Faith. Before which the Charter was presented. According to the Charter of Democratic Values, Islam will be considered a religion rather than a political movement, and outside interference in local Muslim groups will be prohibited. Muslim leaders will have to abide by this law so that there is no chaos in the country. Another law has been enacted by the French government, prompting nationwide protests.

According to the details, protests have been on the rise across France since yesterday due to the law expected to be implemented by the French government, according to which French police sketches will be published anywhere in the country and with any kind of reference. Doing so will be considered a crime. No newspaper, no television channel, no advertisement on the walls will make fun of the French police, and no picture of them will be published. This law has just been proposed but not implemented, but before that the people took to the streets against this law. He also chanted slogans against the government and announced that no such black law would be allowed to be enforced. According to the law, not only publishing pictures of police officers will be a crime, but also making any kind of film of them will be considered a violation of the law.


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