French President announced the full religious freedom of Muslims

French President Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron

Paris … News Time

French President Emmanuel Macron gave a mysterious statement regarding Islam in addressing the Parliament on Monday, which has got mixed comments in political circles. He assured that he would legislate for Muslim religious freedom in the country. The French President addressed the Parliament’s meeting in West Paris that there is no reason for the complexity between France and France. He further added that he will make new rules in France’s parliamentary season to further strengthen the affairs of the Muslims in France. He said that we would provide more facilities to Muslims in their country according to their religion. And they will provide them with all possible freedom so that they can play their religious affairs without any obstacle. The House was inaugurated on this statement of President Emmanuel Macron. He further added that there should be no complexity in the relationship between France and the United States. The toughest thinking about Islam can not lead us into divine and punch and state laws towards religious freedom. He said that people in France have social and religious freedom and the country is a sign of human and religious freedom to symbolize a particular religious class. France, although majority of the population comprises Christianity, the number of Muslims in the country is more than 60 million and the number of mosques is reported 2500.


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