Former Israeli spy released in US

Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy

Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy

Washington … News Time

Former US Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard, who spent 30 years in prison for spying for Israel in the United States, has received a warm welcome in Israel. Former US Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard has been welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and granted Israeli citizenship. Former Spy Jonathan Pollard Arrives in Tel Aviv 35 Years after Arrest – The Media Line Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to a long prison term for spying for Israel in 1987 and ordered his release in 2015, but was barred from leaving the United States. Last month, the US Department of Justice announced the lifting of travel bans on Jonathan Pollard. Earlier, Israel had repeatedly asked the United States for mercy for Jonathan Pollard, which was rejected.

Jonathan Pollard was accused of providing intelligence to Israel for a year in exchange for money, and was arrested in 1985. Israel initially denied that Jonathan Pollard had spied on them and insisted that they work with auxiliary officials, but in 1995 Israel granted them citizenship and sentenced them to two years in prison. He later admitted that he was their agent. In a 1998 interview with the American News Agency, Jonathan Pollard stated that the charges against him were baseless.


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